The ‘Love Is Blind’ Cast Plays ‘Never Have I Ever’
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The ‘Love Is Blind’ Cast Plays ‘Never Have I Ever’

We’re back with some
couples from Love is Blind. We’re going to play
Never Have I Ever. And I guess I’m
playing along, too. I don’t know why. [INAUDIBLE] Ellen. Yeah, that’s true. Never have I ever used
someone else’s toothbrush. We’re sharing one right now. Oh! Oh, Ellen! I don’t know why
that’s a big deal. Thank you. Not on purpose. Why is that a big deal? Because germs, girl! Germs? You’re kissing him. You’re– But it’s not food particles. Who has food particles
in their tooth brush? Yeah, nobody leaves food– but I know that that’s
a big deal to you. That’s why we asked. Ugh. Never have I ever
entered a bikini contest. Oh. OK. Wait, what? You did? Dan! Yes! It was with MEL
Sportswear, I guess. I don’t know. Nice. Oh, OK. MEL Sportswear? You’re learning. I’m learning something. I’m wearing Ellen’s
underwear right now, so– Yes, well it’s
comfortable, isn’t it? Never have I ever drunk
dialed or texted an ex. Oh, come on. Oh. That’s everyone. Yeah, I mean– I was going to say– We’ve all been there. You haven’t done that? I’m really impressed. Who hasn’t? You don’t own a phone
if that hadn’t happened. Never have I ever
given a lap dance. Matt actually gave me a
lap dance at our wedding in front of my grandmother. And my grandmother. Awkward. Ellen has. I love that. I have. Channing Tatum– I
gave him a lap dance. Nice! Awesome. Never have I ever
stolen something. Aw. Oh, oh! Baby, you stole my heart. Oh, wait! I stole that onesie. Oh, never mind. Yeah I just remembered. I’ve played this game so many
times and I’ve always said no. And I just remembered. I stole a plant off of someone’s
porch when I was young. It’s a horrible thing to do. Aw! Wow. Never have I ever
been in handcuffs. You know– What’s the context of that? Oh, that sort of handcuffs. It doesn’t matter. Where’s the– It doesn’t matter. Look at Cameron. I was like, who are you? Cameron’s very
interested in this now. Yeah, I’m intrigued. Never have I ever
had sex in public. What’s the definition of that? What kind of public? In public. Like, around people. That’s what it means. Like, in a social situation. Oh, yeah. There was that one time. Wow. Risk-takers. We’re an exciting group. Yes. No, but I want to follow
up on this question. Where was it? What area? What kind of public– It was a park in
the rain one time. A park in the rain? Real sexy. OK, where was it? Our wedding venue. The wedding venue? I love that. What about that? It was in a pool. In a pool? Oh! Yes. It was at a party. Not with me. OK, all right. [DINGING] Oh, but they control
it in the booth. All right, it’s over. Aw! Love Is Blind is
streaming now on Netflix. We’ll be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. Ah! Oh, [BEEP]! God! [BEEP]


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