The ‘Love Is Blind’ Cast Talks the Future, Tinder, & Ghosts!
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The ‘Love Is Blind’ Cast Talks the Future, Tinder, & Ghosts!

Hi everybody. Hi! Hi Ellen! OK. I’m really– I’m pleasantly
shocked that as many people know about this show and
are watching the show as I am because when I
started watching it nobody here was watching it. I told all of the producers,
the writers to watch it. Before we get into
this, you explain what the show is briefly
and then why the hell you’d want to do it. Yeah. Well, I mean, you know, the show
is basically about 15 women, 15 men. We meet and we talk
through a wall. We try to find love, right? If it works out then you
get engaged and possibly married in the end. Right. So through a wall. So the whole point is
about personality only. Right. Right. And why did you
choose to do this? I mean, I chose to do
it because, you know, basically my dating life wasn’t
going that well and, you know, I was like let’s
see what happens. And a year and a half later,
here I am with this awesome man right here. Yeah, yeah. That’s what’s amazing. Just a year and a half ago. All right. So who went in thinking that
you were going to find love. Anybody going in
going this could work. I honestly only chose to do
it because I was out of work at the time and I
was going stir crazy because I was on workman’s
comp so I couldn’t leave, I couldn’t do anything. I was like, “I might find love,
this could be interesting. Why not?” And I ended up with a
whole husband like what? For me, it was very cosmic. I was at a bar with a
group of girlfriends and I was telling them how there
are no men for me in the city. And at that moment, I
got a DM on Instagram, and it was this person telling
me, “Hey, you can fall in love and potentially get married.” And I was like, “This is the
universe speaking to me.” Wow. I’m probably one of the
most interesting cases because they actually
found me on Tinder so. I started chatting with
this girl, hit it off, she’s like, “Add
me on Instagram.” Had a pretty good connection
and then she’s like, “I’m a casting producer.” And I’m like, “Catfish haha.” And then now I’m here. But how– you get
to the altar and you seemed genuinely surprised. Did you? Did you? I mean, I was surprised
too although Portia said he’s crying and
that was the giveaway that you were going to say no. Well, he loves to cry. He’s always crying. He’s a big softie. But– but really, that
was a surprise to you? Yeah. I just– I went in
hoping for the best. I went through trials
and tribulations with him and not knowing what
to expect but hoping. I’m in my wedding dress,
I’m going to get married. And at that moment where
he was like, “I do not.” I went through shock, anger,
sadness, understanding, and acceptance all in a
really short time frame. And you saw a little tumble. Yeah, fell down. But I got back up
and dusted it off. But I really just wanted
to have a time to myself and start the healing process. Right. But then you went back to him. Yes I did. Yeah, because you knew– because
he was saying he does love you, but he just didn’t
want to marry you. Yes. Because you were kind
of all over the place with your emotions. Yeah. And I mean, I
think that’s just– you know, marriage is
such a final thing. And obviously, I’m so
happy that you guys all decided to take the plunge. And I really wanted
to go through what is it going to be
like when things get hard and when that was– when that was
happening, he realized maybe we need to be
best friends first and you know, I
respect his decision. Obviously, we’re
dating, and everything happens for a reason. So y’all are dating,
you’re not married. Right. Because it was a year and
a half ago that this was– I didn’t know it was that
long ago that it was shot. So y’all have been married
for a year and a half. A whole year and a half. You’ve been married
for a year and a half. Yeah. Wow. So y’all moved in together right
away when this show was over? Well, for me, I actually kept
my place for about three months after we were done. I had to make that transition. But after that, I
got rid of my place. Now we’re in our home. Right, our home. And I was so proud of
her because she had never lived with another man before,
but she kept a level head the entire time and I’m
just proud of her for that. And y’all moved in right away. We did, and then I found
out the house was haunted when he left me by myself there
while he went to Amsterdam, and I was like,
“Um, I don’t know. Should we stay here?” What do you mean it was haunted? It was haunted, Ellen. Our dog– All right, that’s my show. Nobody take this one. I’m doing a show with the
haunted house y’all live in. Our amazing dog Goda was laying
in the bed with me one day and she started
growling and barking at absolutely nothing
in the closet, and I caught something
moving across the screen when I started recording her. I was like, “No, thank you.” All right. I have a lot of questions so
we’re going to take a break and we’re going to have more. More questions, more answers. We’ll be back. We’re back with the cast from–
you’re not really a cast, from Love is Blind. You’re people,
you’re not actors. All right. So there was a
incident with Jessica who also was very
interested in you, and she wasn’t completely
honest during the show. And so I want you to see
the clip for those of you who haven’t seen it. And then Amber, I would
like you to address it. And the Barnett thing
that happened in the pods, it’s over. It was a complicated situation
to begin with and getting over that might take a while. But if it was still a
thing, if it was still in your head, that would
have been disrespectful and that would have made
me literally beat your ass. Baby, for sure. If you were to ever to
actively go after my husband, I would destroy your life. Look at me. OK. Baby, I’m not worried about
you, I never have been. Promise me. Never not ever. All right. That was fun. Yeah. That was fun to watch,
I bet, a year and a half later when all this
time you thought that she was really
saying, you know, “I don’t have those feelings.” Then at the reunion, you
had a chance to address her and how did that feel? So obviously, there’s a
lot of things in this show that I didn’t know about. I thought maybe she
had a crush on him. So seeing everything when the
show aired, I was not happy. And Matt was doing– Super fun. Matt was doing his best
to like calm me down. He’s like, “All right. We’re going to compromise here.” Because obviously, I’m
a very open person, I’m very honest
about my feelings. So something was
going to be said. And we compromised
in keeping it– We brought it down to like 20%. Like 20%, we brought it down. Oh, that was 20%. That was 20%. That was a lot. All right. So what’s next for everyone? What’s next for you guys? Well, for us, definitely we
want to have another wedding reception. You know? Because all of our
family and friends couldn’t come to the first one. So you know, we
need to party It up. Yeah. And then what’s
next for you guys? I think for us,
we’re still like– I think we’ve become
best friends now. So we really want to travel
together a little bit more. We’re still not living together
which is sort of exciting but we hang out all the time. Taking it by our own
pace which is nice. OK. So are you engaged at all or no? You’re just– No. She threw the ring,
understandable. OK. I was like, “Bye.” And then what’s
next for you guys? Really, we’re just going
with the flow right now. We got a new lease
so we’re probably going to be in that
place, and then buy a house eventually and
have kids soon, but not– no timeline. Yeah. Get a great
apartment, great dog, and we’re having a
lot of fun right now. We’re going to
take a break, we’re going to play Never
Have I Ever after this.


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