• Sir Sweetness

    This was good. Ironically my wife was physically having a tough time and I went up to her and gave her a hug and kissed her forehead she held on so I knew she needed this. It was special. I need to do this more.

  • Danni Winter

    We heard a therapist suggest a 2 minute hug (which can be so awkward). But the day we tried it, stress melted away immediately when we took the time to just hold each other. We also watch massage tutorials online, because we are not naturally good at this lol. It makes me feel loved to know my husband is willing to learn. I LOVE what God is doing with your ministry! Praying for your new baby and the needed time off 🙏

  • Rev Lisa Lines Lines

    I loved the message! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and encouraging word on touch and all the important of it. Touch makes for a happy marriage.

  • Becky Wells

    Thank you for your wisdom and vulnerability. Touch = miracles, the power paired with prayer is always healing. People are desperate for touch and connection.. free hugs

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