The Truth About Peter Weber’s Mom
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The Truth About Peter Weber’s Mom

Bachelor Peter Weber and his mom, Barbara,
are close. So close that he seems to go to her for dating
advice, as seen in the now-viral clip of Barbara crying and pleading with her son to make the
right decision. While many assumed this clip was about Madison
Prewett and that the clip hinted at her winning The Bachelor, part one of this season’s finale
revealed to fans that Peter’s mom was actually rooting for the other finalist, Hannah Ann
Sluss. While popular Bachelor spoiler blogger Steve
“Reality Steve” Carbone has said that Madison captured Peter’s heart, there’s still a chance
things could go in another direction, especially if Peter’s mom is rooting for her rival. How much do we know about Barbara, and how
much influence does she have on her son? Barbara was born in Havana, Cuba before moving
to the United States at the age of 3. At the age of 18, she became an American citizen. That same year, she became the queen of Chicago’s
Lakefront Festival. Yep: Like many of the women who have caught
Peter’s eye, including Hannah Brown and three out of four of Peter’s final four, Barbara
is a beauty queen. She was a member of the Chicago Honey Bears
cheer squad, but left the squad in 1978 after winning the title of Miss Illinois World-America. She went on to compete in the Miss World-America
pageant, but did not win. Peter followed in his father’s footsteps to
become a pilot, but his mother also has a lot of experience flying high. Barbara worked for United Airlines from 1986
to 1996. Peter once revealed, “My dad was a pilot as well. My mom was a flight attendant, and she was
on his flight one time. He was walking back to the cockpit, and he
walked past her, and she just saw his butt. And she goes to her friend, she’s like, ‘That’s
the guy I’m gonna marry.'” It’s a romantic story, and it’s one that set
the stage for Peter’s own romantic dreams. In fact, Peter’s parents are part of the reason
that Bachelor host Chris Harrison said that Peter was such a good pick for The Bachelor. “He’s that all-American guy next door. He has these great parents who have this great
example of what love is.” Peter is close with both of his parents, which
is why he still lives with his mom and dad at the age of 28. He told Entertainment Tonight in December
2019, however, that if he found his future wife on The Bachelor, he would, of course,
move out. In January, Peter’s mom explained on the Bachelor
Party podcast that part of Peter’s reasons for staying at home is cultural. She said, “First of all, we are a very, very close family. Very close. We’re basically one. We support each other in every which way,
and we’re each other’s best friends, not just parents.” Barbara added that it’s common in Cuban culture
for kids to stay at home before marriage, and that in “old time Cuba” they would stay
at home with their spouses and raise their children in “one big happy family.” She said that since Peter is a pilot and is
gone from home so much, it doesn’t make financial sense for him to move out until he buys his
own house. Barbara said that she raised her son to be
financially responsible. She said, “He can buy a house tomorrow if he wanted
it. Responsibly, he can do it, but I’m just looking
for the right place for him when we do decide that he’s going to take that step.” Hannah Ann isn’t the only girlfriend of Peter’s
that Barbara has bonded with. Peter told ET, “I’ve brought girls home, and it’s not weird. And the next morning, I’ll wake up and the
girl is making breakfast with my mom, and they’re chatting it up. And that’s just the way it’s been. So I know it’s not normal.” It seems that Peter is truly a mama’s boy,
which could spell trouble if he doesn’t take her advice and choose Hannah Ann, who is clearly
his mother’s choice to win The Bachelor. It looks like we’ll just have to wait and
see who Peter chooses, and how his mom reacts to his decision. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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  • ginger Jackson

    Im a mother i get itbut my parents didnt ie my husand at the beginning but, still, theywished us the best and after 31 years together my husband and i. are still together now, theylook at him like there son and love him today.i do think the mother and dad needs to be positive and lleave him alone and see what happens.

  • ginger Jackson

    I do beleive barb needs to accept madison and try to get along with her.she cant tell him who to love.if madison and peter stay together and marry he will and should pick his wife over his mother.if barb doesnt come around to madison and makes peace barb will put a wedge between herself and her son.intresting to see what happens i hope madison and peter can move past this and have a happy life together.

  • Patti Dunlap

    This woman (Peters mom) is unbelievable! She does use her emotions to get Peter to do what she wants him to and OMG that crying gets to you after awhile! I know plenty of people that are from Cuba and from Mexico and they don’t act like her yes their children do live with them until they move out and get married that is a true tradition that has been going on for years but I just think it’s crazy that just because Madison didn’t feel a connection with his mom right then and there like she expected her to that makes her a bad person because it doesn’t everyone is different not everyone runs up to the mom like Hannah Ann did and falls madly in love with the parents I mean that’s just unrealistic I’m rooting for Madison and Peter I think they have a connection that Is real otherwise they wouldn’t have been drawn to each other but I want to say something else her beliefs Madisons are the way she was raised and there’s nothing wrong with that matter fact it’s kind of refreshing for nowadays anyway team Peter and Madison I hope they make it and if Peter’s mom doesn’t want to come around that’s her loss after all this is Peter‘s decision not his parents!!!

  • Tater Tot

    Love Peter and Madi. But all due respect, Barb Weber is a royal bitch. Sorry Peter but that mother is toxic and negative. It's not your decision Barb.!

  • Sandi Kosobucki

    WOW what if a disgusting person. I was embarrassed for that women. Who sits there and say those horrible things. Her faces when she was watching Chris talked with Maddie before she came back. You may not agree with things she does but what mother said you should have went and your not that girl. Peter if you hear this made mom watch it again. Hey Barb your his mom not his girlfriend. I would have went right up to her and bear hugged her. What a nasty bitch and Mr Barb is down right gross. You have totally embarrassed your son. Your a total bitch.

  • Ashley Landers

    Barbara is a complete B! If you loved your son you would forgive & forget. The past is that the PAST! Give Madison a secone chance & quit being a B!

  • XJL X

    Wow mom looks very old .she a bad future mother in law. Run Madison is wants Hannah Ann because she Naive and sweet and would be easy to boss her around.

  • gr8deziner4u

    Manipulative Mom! Time to move away Peter. Grow up! I’m a 55 year old mother of three grown men, and I was appalled at how nasty Barb was. I think she has a problem with Madi being a Christian with morals. Her son was intimate with a couple of women (not Madi) Maybe his nasty mother should consider that Madi was willing to look past his being with other women because she loves him. Be kind Mrs. Weber and be loving to Madi. Madi just might be the mother of your grandchildren one day. Think about the big picture and not just what Barb wants. 🙄

  • Shelley Hillier

    Peters mom doesnt realize how beautiful her family is or should i say she is not smart enough to know that you hurt your son enough and you will push him away!!! i have seen it happen~~

  • Carol Worth

    Worst Bachelor season ever! And this final show was an embarrassment! Really left a bad taste in my mouth…even for Chris Harrison, whom I adore! 😢

  • Thomas Chan

    Barb never should have said those things about Madi. It was too harsh. It was sad to see Peter ask his family to understand and Barb just didn't appreciate that, she appeared to be too focused on her strong feelings. Grace was needed here, especially since Peter and Madi were trying to start over and at this point allow her Son and his choice, Madi to work it out and wait and see what happens. Let time tell and I felt Barb judged the ending to fail instead of letting go and allow these two to work it out.

  • RandomThots

    "we support each other in every which way" … well, we now know that's not completely true, right? I guess Peter is not the only one who says something that is not the complete truth. Rather, "we support each other provided everyone does what I want them to" is closer … not exactly the way to raise a child. No wonder she resorted to tears on a frequent basis! And no wonder he fell for it every time. He's probably had a lifetime of re-adjusting to keep his mother from crying.

  • Paula Patterson

    What does she know, she is just the mother! Goodness knows no mother and father have ever had to be there and support their children when they have made poor decisions and ignored wise advice and then needed support and a shoulder to cry on when it goes south. When your parents, family and friends are saying you are making the wrong decision….hello RED FLAGS… they are usually correct. He asked his parents (mother) opinion and they gave him their honest opinion. My personal opinion is that Madison is not into him. Hannah Brown picked the wrong person and so has Peter! JMHO.

  • Ruru liean

    Barb named him Peter like a rock since it appears his rock is always hard even when living at home… Madi… you don't want his genital herpes!

  • D Heyes

    It appears that the entire family needs to get on with living distinct and separate lives. This has got to be one of the most annoying shows on television. Mommy’s poor little baby in a “need to cut the apron strings” way of looking at life. I hope to hear the announcement that this show has been cancelled and non too soon.🤨

  • afadf

    His mom is. Quack and seriously has borderline personality disorder …who acts like such a jackass on live TV ??? Go peter and Madison ! You guys make an awesome couple and I pray it all works out for you guys and get far the hell say from that wack job mother of yours peter ! She is a mess !!

  • Cassandra Levine

    Barbara Weber was a beautiful young woman and a beauty queen. She's still a very attractive middle-age woman.
    I understand her culture and their family dynamics. I can see why she doesn't care for Madison.

  • Zachariah Smith

    His mom is right, if anyone says otherwise, you're just living in fantasy land. Relationships are so much more complicated than just picking someone you want. No matter what you all say, unless you're estranged, family always affects the relationship

  • Bonnie Brolsma

    I love how Chris Harrison asked Peter's dad his thoughts and the man looked like he was scared to death to answer if it didn't meet mean Barbie's approval. I have a feeling we know who wears the pants in that family and it's NOT dad Peter. She's awful! She doesn't deserve a daughter like Madi. I hated that she said "Peter needs to fail to succeed". Thanks for the vote of confidence Mommy dearest.

  • Sandy Beach

    Drama queen…Over dominating….she needs to chill and let her son experience life and know he will make bad choices and mistakes in life.

  • Marcia Johnson

    About time Barb let her son grow up. Unfortunately I do not think Peter and Madison will last. He only wants her because he did not get her into bed. Does he think all women are disposable after he gets what he wants?

  • Shelley Charlesworth

    Wow a man age 28 still living at home? No wonder Peter has trouble making decisions. That ridiculous mother is a witch!

  • Hollie Wasson

    I think it’s telling that so much focus is on her. Sadly, this is something Peter ( & his passive dad and baby brother )knows all too well. It’s ALL about Barbara. Unreal when you think about it. This entire show is supposed to be about PETER’S journey. I hope Madison can help Peter look up the words histrionic, narcissistic, enmeshment, & bully. Sad how SELFISH wounded mothers can be. And so proudly. Yuck. It’s all about control for his mom, that’s how she relates. People are objects to control. She wants to “win.” Poor Peter.

  • patricia reid

    There is no way a mamas boy can be a great husband …mama is going to be too much up in her son life that she don't realize she hurting the sons wife …it's a no no for me

  • Kate Young

    I was so proud of Madison’s response to Bitchy and childish, Spoiled, and controlling Barbie doll who is obviously used to throwing temper tantrums to get her own way. Wow is she ever hard to take even in small doses and I sure hope I never have to see or hear her again. But Madison responded to her attack with wisdom and grace and gave her respect even when she didn’t deserve it. I hope Peter was able to see his mother for the controller she really is and I hope he fights for Madison with everything he has got because love is worth that.

  • Karla Becerra

    In old time Cuba, men wouldn’t sleep around especially a week before proposing to somebody else. You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

    “I’m just looking for the right place for him when we do decide to take that step..” wth? She chooses his future wife and his house for him… controlling much?

  • Rita Mullins

    Personally, I understand where she's coming from. Hannah Ann was so passionate about her feelings for her son, whereas Madison was uncertain. Why would she want her son to be with someone that couldn't completely be passionate about their feelings for her son? I love her for voicing her concerns!!!

  • Ge Mum

    Bottom line, Madison Prewett claims she values a celibate man, so those beliefs cannot be compromised if you are to stand for what you believe. There are men out there who adhere to a celibate life. Madison needs to follow what her values dictate and wait until that celibate man comes into her life.

  • Jeffrey Rifkin

    As a parent of 4 adult children, I can certainly relate to Barb's concerns. Yet, to me it was all about what she wanted as opposed to supporting her emotionally immature son. This is a symbiotic family which is probably one of the reasons why at age 26, Peter has not moved out. Barb is controlling through her guilt inducing, tear-filled communications and I couldn't stand the fact that there was a camera pointed at her throughout the show. Mom, it ain't about you, so please shut up and pay more attention to your husband and let your sons be independent adults!

  • Janis the review Girl

    His Mother went completely OVERBOARD to the MAX and her reason for not liking Madison wasnt worth the way she behaved. She is the kind of Mother no one would ever EVER want as their Mother in Law. She is not supportive. It isnt coming from a place of love its coming from a dictator and from control!! She cried to get her way into MANIPULATING Peter to choose who she liked. I really believe she is using too much control over her son and is hurting him with this behaviour and if Peter ever wants to be truly happy (with anyone) he will have to tell his family to BUTT OUT and he should move out and grow away from them become a man without his Mothers rule over him

  • Rusty Dalek

    barb hates Madison cause she is Christian keep his son from sleeping around and partying
    wow weird mom behavior promisucuity aND PARTRYINY NOT HEALTHY

  • Rusty Dalek

    I am super conservative from India and hubby liber white guy we both super diff back grounds before marriage he said he was ok with not sleeping with me til marriage and take care of sick mom at tender age of 20 and now married for 20 years my parents are against we were culturally so diff

  • Rae VH

    Barb uses guilt to control Peter and his dad, brother. She knew she couldn't control Madi, that's why she prefers Hannah. What a monster!

  • Donna foster

    Seeing her on the live show last-night, well, as a mother of two sons. They would have never, ever, approved of me being in the audience. She just didn’t know when to shut up. The 30 minutes or so of Hannah Ann going on and on because he broke up with her, was way too long. Just get up and walk out. Please!

  • Alex Summa

    Peter: "My Dad walked past my Mom and she saw his butt and she goes to her friend, 'That's the guy I'm gonna marry.'" Narrator: "It's a romantic story that set the stage for Peter's own romantic dreams." hahaha

  • Je' suis Cherie

    What kind of parent let's their grown unmarried son bring girls home and they aren't married …but they can sleep over with him??? WTF🤔🙄No bih No🤭

  • Hector Rodriguez

    I like Peter’s mom story how his mom and dad met she was a flight attendant and his dad was a pilot and they got married but what I don’t like why she likes Hannah Ann And don’t like Madison she’s got to get along and used to Madison

  • Tricia Herz

    I am a mom of a young man and daughter and never would I be as insensitive, meddling, and annoying as she was. I was embarrassed for her. Shame on her for saying "she and her friends all say this won't last? Get a life and quit gossiping….go volunteer. As for Peter, be a man and follow your heart. Stick up for Madison!!

  • B Charron

    **Following the finale drama from mama Barbara Weber, would this be the appropriate time for a spin off show called, "Keeping up with the Webers".**

  • JNstuff

    “…but I’M just looking for the right place for him when WE do decide he’s going to take that step” -barb. Why is SHE looking for the right place for him, when SHE decides he’s going to take that step???

  • mrmanforthwin123

    Peter has no backbone and that is his mothers fault she is a horrible mother instead of letting her son love who he wants to love for the love of God let him be a man and not a child in a mans body. If it doesn't work out between him and Madison then at least he knows how love feels and how much it can hurt. Let him live his life let him learn the lesson of if you fail and fall you need to get back up and move on. Sure as a mother we only want the best and we never want to see them hurt but that is not how life works. It is very obvious that his mother is a controlling person who has been heard the word no from her children. Be a man already Peter stand up to your mother

  • C R

    I hope he is able to move out soon. Cuban or not this isn't healthy for him. She will always be in the way no matter who he is with. She is the type that will never be happy with anyone he chooses. She is controlling and manipulative. This isn't about her and he is a grown man. She literally looked so rude the whole time in the audience towards Maddison. That was embarrassing for him

  • Sandra G

    I know everyone is hating on this psycho mom for telling Peter to leave her, but if I were Madison's parents, I would tell her to run like hell too. That mom is crazy!

  • Phillip Quezada

    Y’all are forgetting what Barbara said. Madison kept them waiting for three hours!!! And no apology. She would interrupt her mom, too. And Madison is super religious and Peter isn’t. They’re obviously not compatible, a Barbara saw that Peter is not going to be happy being something He’s not and to give someone an ultimatum is b.s. Hannah is compatible with Peter and the family. She’s a really sweet girl in real life. I don’t know what the hell all of you are think8ng. If someone disrespects my family, I have just one word for them. Bye!

  • Trina DiNapoli

    I actually am on Barbara's side! Did you see that disrespectful smirk on Madison's face when Barbara was talking???? Oh, and she's so religious…Not by the way she dresses…Okay,Barbara is a bit dramatic, well maybe way too dramatic but the way that spoiled brat disrespected her is why I'm on Barbara's side….

  • Helen O,Donoghue

    As a Mother my sons choice is his choice not mine. No matter who they choose you support them and accept. This woman is a control freak and has been for years. Her husband is afraid to speak up the other son says what would keep the Mother happy. Madison has her beliefs and wish a few more would follow in her steps but we are all different. They did not need an apology from Madison she had issues to discuss with Peter not with them. To say what she said in public was uncalled for but "Barb" needed to have the attention and control. It showed what she really is an older woman afraid to let her sons have their own lives. If the family does not see that by now then they never will. She needs to grow up mature but I don't think she ever will oh and go see a counselor you need one

  • Barbara Lori Walton

    It was the worst Bachelor season thus far.. Peter wanted his cake and eat it too. So many embarrassing moments he planned out for those contestants..Especially the one with the country singer and Victoria..I felt sorry for her. His not ready to marry anyone, just sowing his wild oats..and enjoying the ride doing it. His mom is the queen of his heart until he cuts her off, but right now we will forget him and and his. meddling mom..What a complete disappointment this season, Peter would have been a more suitable bachelor..

  • May Ann Grecia

    Nothing to say….but i prefer to marry an independent guy…not dependent….but definitely i don't want to marry a kid still want a mother…

  • Debra Roth

    Peter mom is a bad control freak and what guy at his age lives home with his mom and dad he is a dumb guy can’t make his own decisions at all

  • Leonela Marquez


  • ruby B

    I hope Madison breaks up with Peter. She deserves so much better I would run as fast and as far as I could from them especially his crazy controlling mean mother.

  • Debórah Lee

    "It's a part of the Cuban culture for the children to stay at home before marriage."

    It is also a part of the Christian commitment to stay abstinent before marriage. Something none of the Weber family members have any respect for regarding Madison's personal choice to honor the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Living WORD.

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