Theresa Wants Dwayne’s Friends Out Of The House | Love Goals | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Theresa Wants Dwayne’s Friends Out Of The House | Love Goals | Oprah Winfrey Network

They have to understand
that that’s our home. And it’s not a
Hangout for the guys. I went to elementary
school, middle school, high school, college,
and played NFL with the same people
from the hood. Teresa don’t really understand
when you’re the one that made it out of
the hood, you have to bring your homies with you. So I can’t turn my
back on my boys. She just don’t understand. OK, so you got married. You had children. Why don’t you
encourage them to do that so they can have something
else to do besides you? They all have
bad relationships so they want to come see how
a good relationship starts to grow. They have bad
relationships because they’re in a relationship with you. How could you have a healthy
relationship when you always at your guy
house 20– when you wake up there and you go to–
what real woman wants that? A guy has to learn
what to do and not do. It’s not 24/7, it’s 14/7. So it makes a difference? Yeah.


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  • Jamil Goldsmith

    When you get married: You forsake all others for your spouse. Having out with friends is cool, but God and your spouse must always be your number one priority. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

  • meesa magill

    She is talking so real here. No woman would want to be in a relationship with one of his friends if all they wanna do is hang out at his place all the time. He isnt turning his back on them by stopping them hanging out everyday. Just have hang out days amd family days. He thinks hes showing his friends a real relationship…his real relationship is in trouble cos of this and hes showing them u put your friends above your wife and family🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • lewis carter

    When he is ready to think like a man he will real I z e his boyz don't belong in the home with his wife. Happy wife Happy life.

  • DrBeeSpeaks

    This is why you need to create your own love goals??Clearly he wants to take the hood with him. He may even have guilt about being rich and “making it out the hood.” This is a victim mindset. Who you surrounded yourself around is important. So where are the love goals? Where the love? You must love yourself first. Love yourself enough to surround your inner circle with people who can make you better. This is what Oprah would say actually, the irony of it all! ❤️Clearly you can either take the red pill or the blue pill! Lol 😭🥰

  • Denise Dean

    She is right they are married and he doesn't need to be with his single boys 24-7. So what if they his ride-to-die friends, you still need to establish boundaries with friends when you get married.

  • Reba Henderson

    Get them their own spot. Make sure they have ambitions to pay you back with a contract. Give them some time to pay you back but they have to pay, and they must move.

  • Jewell Smith

    I understand this too well! I the shoe was on the other foot and she stopped putting him first he would be sick.

  • Mrs.Kuether 3.17.09

    I understand Dwayne with his boys because he's literally grew up with them but I do NOT agree with his "boys" being in their home. Your wife & children come before yourself and definitely before your boys no matter how long you've known them because at the end of the day your wife and kids are gonna be the only people in your life when you don't have anything.

    My husband and I have been together since we were 16 and 17. We both started out with 2 best friends but here we are 11 yrs later and neither of us have friends because we've grown had kids and don't need people in our life's that don't understand our family comes before anything and anyone. My husband is literally my best friend, I can tell him anything without him judging me or getting mad because of who I am. When you have that in a marriage relationship then you don't need any outsiders to be friends with 🤷, that's just my opinion.

    Yesh it's good to be able to have friends but let's be honest it's not always the best thing for you as a person.

  • Nic X

    He is experiencing “thrivers remorse “ . He is feeling guilty about his success and maybe a little fearful that it may not last , so he’s internalizing those fears and using his “boys” as a security blanket . The friends are feeding off his insecurities and in turn are taking advantage . They don’t want to “learn” anything from him . They don’t want to move into positive ,mature , romantically committed relationships … or they would . His “boys” like things just the way they are . It’s time for him to cut the cord . Believe in his own abilities , and fully commit to his marriage, his kids, & his own abilities . Stop enabling driftwood … those friends of his are leeches.

  • Deidre Berry

    He is still a child himself. As a woman, she needs to put her foot down or leave. His hood buddies may not be good examples for her children to be around, especially in her home.

  • JiaShortcake

    I dealt with this before, wasn’t married but I left before that could happen, no woman wants to be sitting in ya “homies” face all damn day

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