This LDN Restaurant Serves You Waste ♻️| Sustainable London | Love and London
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This LDN Restaurant Serves You Waste ♻️| Sustainable London | Love and London

sustainability is a really big topic here in London right now and I think that’s a very good thing a lot of places are catching on to the fact that we want them to be doing better however there are a select few that are going above and beyond and making sure they give you a good experience while also reducing their impact on the planet so I’m in Hawke’s and today and I’m taking you to cub which is one of those restaurants that is doing amazing things for sustainability My name is Matthew Scott and I’m the head chef at KUB KUB was established two years ago by mr. Lyon and Douglas McMaster essentially it’s a restaurant that has been set up to showcase how sustainability can also be luxurious fun and cool and tasty but it’s also a free platform for their creative people that work here to showcase what they can do and to champion their passion the ethos is to be considerate of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it so reduce waste carbon footprint the point is that we stand on our own platform we don’t try to identify and mirror and be any other restaurants and that kind of allows us to change things regularly based on seasons and based on produce so it’s more about that than just cooking and showcasing your own ego how do the drinks incorporate into the meal cocktails here are designed to be freestanding the menus designs to equally showcase drinks and food on separate platforms to shake is how exciting they can both be and the drinks showcase ingredients technique and skill in just as much sense as the food does as well I am desura I’m the new head bartender income in terms of the bar industry is food and other types of waste a big problem it is a problem and especially in the last couple of years I’ve seen lots and lots of buzz trying to tackle the problem at least oh yeah I think it’s a very wasteful industry we don’t use any type of citrus to avoid waste of course instead we use a blend of acids this is our gene by spritz made with cell urges and green bell peppers the celery is obviously gonna be realized from the kitchen so I noticed you haven’t shaken or really mixed anything why is that we try to waste as less water as possible we add water to the cocktails I can just grab a bottle from the freezer all the ISTEP bartenders use daily to shake cocktails doesn’t really get used so that’s so what are the girls down the drain at the end of the day something very very exciting essentially is a living exhibition downstairs called our cupcake which is run by a fermentation master called Johnny drain like I said this is probably one of the weirdest tents you’ve ever climbed in sea and that smell is delicious funk think Stevie Wonder this is like Gorham’s and mises and Cody’s and black garlic and Kim cheese and kombu cheese and anything mental and mad that you can think of Johnny drone makes it a cup we work very very closely and partnerships almost with our suppliers to make sure that that disassociation doesn’t happen it means that we’re reducing our carbon footprints when the Audrina this is a bit of lickin potato most of the dishes are inspired by childhood memories or memories of foods from the past so we have leek and potato and cockles they’re caught by a guy called Shawn he’s the guy that puts his profits back into day boat fish repairs and fish nurseries and lobster pot repairs and the Koppers were landed this morning in Carmel super sustainable the leaks of super peak in season right now breadcrumbs just sweat it down and love the wild garlic finished with a little celery sabayon so we make that using all of the celery leaves from far west and then the whole dish is wrapped together with an oil made from the leek Tom’s a pumpkin and it’s seeds and this dish truly represents what closed-loop cooking is about where we take one products in particular this lovely seasonal pumpkin we skin it we use the skins to make a broth in oil we roast the seeds we slowly roast the flesh and then glaze it in a pumpkin caramel afterwards you finish it with a vinegar using or of the pumpkin pulp and yeast fermented by Johnny drain downstairs and there’s a lacto-fermented pumpkin cream and the base as well [Music] what else in the restaurant is sustainable the materials that the tables are made from what is it these are these recycled yogurt pots and lids those that are made of natural clay that filter the air we have lights that are made from recycled paper tell me a little bit about the area that we’re in we’re in a place called Hoxton which tales from one end of history that’s very unguent refined towards constantly building and developing city the other end of the street it’s a street where the verb I took monkey’s films a music video and it’s very range this video is part of my sustainable London series so if you want to know how you can experience the best of London while also reducing your environmental impact then watch the playlist so that is popping up below


  • Raymond F

    Once more Love and London a cool video with info that will help a visitor to London .. your channel is the best for someone to get info on the amazing city of London

  • Stephen Parker

    Hi, Jess, another very interesting video. You find really interesting and unusual things in London. Looking forward to your next video soon.

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