Tom Selleck’s Family: Troubled Adopted Son And Long-Lasting Marriage
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Tom Selleck’s Family: Troubled Adopted Son And Long-Lasting Marriage

Thomas Selleck was born in 1945 in LA. Since early years he was very much interested
in sports and was a huge fan of gymnastics and athletics. He was really good at playing basketball and
due to this, earned a scholarship but very quickly understood that acting was that same
thing he wanted to do. Tom had it all for a successful acting career:
a talent, perfect looks, sporty body, and a strong beautiful face. At first, he had minor roles and a real breakthrough
happened when he was featured in Magnum. The next day, he woke up extremely famous
with multiple offers from film producers. His father, Robert worked hard to feed the
family. He was a carpenter at first. Then he succeeded as a real estate agent and
finally, he became a bank executive. He died at the age of 79 to surgical complications. Tom’s mother, Martha was a housewife raising
kids and being their supporter. She had a little role in Magnum and was a
great example for kids, who always showed dedication, love, and loyalty whatever the
situation is. In one of the interviews, Selleck mentioned
that he could never wish to have a better mom in his life. She passed away at 96. Tom has three siblings. The eldest one is Robert. The second brother is Daniel. And the only sister is Martha. Unfortunately, we don’t know any information
about their careers or personal lives. In 1971, Thomas tied the knot with a model
Jacqueline Mary Ray and shared 11 years of married life with her. At that time, he was on the very top in terms
of career opportunities and from the one hand, it was good. But from the other hand, it was a reason for
a divorce. Later, the star said that job will never become
a barrier between the family and him. This mistake taught him a lot and at the same
time was a secret to his long-lasting second marriage. A British actress, Jillie Joan Mack became
the famous actor’s second spouse. They got married in 1987 and have been living
happily until present time. Selleck noticed Jillie when she played the
main role in Cats and liked her so much that immediately asked for a date. After some time of dating, she left London
and moved to Hawaii with Tom, where they secretly tied the knot. Just a year after the marriage, they were
already welcoming their first child in this world. Kevin is Tom’s stepson from Ray’s other
relations. In childhood, he was a fairly troubled teen
because of parent’s split up which led to his alcohol addiction and later financial
issues. He is now an actor, a husband, and a father
to six children. Hannah is a daughter with Jillie and the star’s
only biological child, who was delivered in 1988. When she was born, Tom left Magnum and fully
concentrated on making his family happy. They started living on a ranch, which helped
Hannah to grow up strong to become a horse rider. She participated in competitions all across
the globe, winning lots of awards.


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