• Kami Sama

    Seriously I thought he will let go with what happened in the impeachment since he won, and he said he was not bother by it but instead when he got his power he fired the people who crossed him?? Instead of proving them wrong he went with the most childish option of throwing tantrum and fires the people, the Republicans who vote for him not to be removed from the power are the people who are really disgraceful because they chose to help an imbecile of a president to stay in power because they need it too, than help america be great again. I mean the most powerful president in the world, lies not once not twice, but a thousand times, when he talks he boast, he is a racist (deny all you want but there are videos) he made fun of disabled persons, rants on twitter non stop and never thinks of what he says, he never moved on from Obama's shadow (cause he can't beat him), he denies abuse of power but now as you can see he is doing it again because he can and always will get away from it. Trump will always be a good host for the apprentice since he is egoistic and boastful but he was never cut out to be president. What a disgraceful man.

  • Frank Turzilla

    Hey jimmy? why don’t you make fun of mike pence, huh?!! Why is it always have to be the leader in charge, huh?! What about second in command, huh?! I’m tired of shitty mouth spewing out crap on daily basis!!! Don’t waste the America’s air time with that BS, were not going take it anymore of supervisors political nonsense anymore jimmy!!! Your nothing but puppet!!!

  • G Macka

    Was Trump seriously just talking about himself….AGAIN. when he said "A man leaks classified information, HIGHLY Classified information, they give him 2 months"
    The only thing is nobody gave Trump 2 months, atleast not yet they didn't.
    Trump is the person who had the 2 top Russian KGB spies I his office, with no reporters, note takers or advisors present, then HE himself leaked highly, highly Classified information to THEM. Just handed over Top Secret, Classified documents to Americas Greatest ENEMY.
    And here he is crying about someone else.
    God damn idiot needs to be GONE

  • Galantir Galadross

    Trump will be the first president who will do a third term and a fourth and a fifth etc etc until he dies.
    Many will say that it's not allowed but in his next term he will go after that law and change it so he can become the Putin of the west.

  • Annie

    Trump: "They said he intimidated somebody, and that person said they had no idea they were gonna do that" (lock Stone up).

    Who's "that person" that said "they didn't want him charged?"

  • FoxFire20 Gunner!

    Everyone should know by now Hollyweird is one big scam…hahaha…nothing but scam artists..lol no pun intended…lamo..I seriously cant stop🤣🤣🤣

  • Say What?

    And embarrass us, and shame us, and confuse us how ANYONE COULD SUPPORT THE MORONIC, LYING ORANGE PARASITE!
    Why? Trump is. KNOWN CON MAN. I guess he conned his fool supporters. Ugh. I'm tired just watching them clap, hoot and hollar at his clown rallies.

  • Liberal Jewish Eagle For Bernie 2020

    Trump is an embarassment to USA and destroying this country from within. Everyone knows it, both America's allies and adversaries alike.

  • happyamar1

    Sorry Jimmy or Timmy…Donald Trump is God chosen one. It was predicted before he even thought of running presidency. He is going to 2020 as well FYI. Keep your stupid show to yourself to earn money, name n fame which will not end you up in heaven. If you are a true Christian which i doubt, you will follow His words. I am not an American but i am in total agreement of Gis words..
    Let me see how long your show last

  • John707 Ritchie

    What is an absolute disgrace is how a man with such a limited vocabulary,with perhaps 200 words at most a this disposal can make it to the White House. in point of fact it's an outrage. Imagine another 5 years of this clownish buffoon. What a prospect that is!!!!!!! It just doesn't bear thinking about,so now you just have to pray that Bernie Doesn't get it. I agree with much of he stands for and his sentiments regarding the appalling wealth disparity in the US. BUT for me,the US public isn;t ready for socialism just yet anyway. At the moment anyone but Trump must be the Democrats mantra.

  • Kyle Yost

    It's interesting to see how the Democratic Primaries are playing out. Especially, north or the border.

    What's worrisome, is Bernie winning. Trump supports his victory, and ask yourself why? It's because he knows he can win against him…and that's terrifying.

    Dems need to unify their ideals into a palatable platform if they want to win the next election. They cannot rely on a voter base that doesn't show up and won't win swing states.

    The joke that was an impeachment inquiry showed the unity of the GOP, something that is lacking for the Dems. Get on board with a representative or accept another four years of tyranny…

  • Charles Bryant

    Rodger stone was indicated,tried & convicted on evidence.Donald trump you are a DISCRACE you draft dodging COWARD 🖕💩

  • Very Slothy

    Notice how every trump rally clip that shows up is him filling up an arena full of supporters whereas democratic candidates can’t fill a school cafeteria

  • Ali N

    Although its entertaining to watch late night shows (all Democrats)…Trump has been prevailing time after time from crisis after crisis. The trump bashing is funny though!

  • Evan Hawksley

    That was actually really funny 😆 but I can’t wait for y’all to be crying again when we take 2020. God bless America and God bless president Trump. 🇺🇸

  • Trish Anderson

    Go to hell kümmel. You piece of sh$t. Trumps the best President ever and you are a butt hurt loser. I never watch you. And matter of fact, I didn’t watch this clip. Just dropped by to give you some of your antics. Hate. That’s all you got.

  • Robin Lewin

    America you are now officially a 'Banana Republic' and your Democratic Republic is lost. Something that took you almost 244 years, a civil war, 2 world wars, conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq etc and millions of other lives lost fighting to right wrongs and correct injustices, both internally and externally – all for naught.

    You have a deeply corrupt president and government, who have effectively set up an autocracy. The American people are being robbed daily by big corporations lining their pockets, bilking billions of dollars in overcharges on your medical, defense and any other government contract. You are being ripped off by your current president, his enablers and corporate government contractors, who pay billions annually to lobby your government.

    Going forward America, you will be unable to talk about Third World countries, without being able to understand and identify with the fear of a nation desperately trying to rid itself of a corrupt despotic and parasitic government.

    Call a halt to this inevitable future America, by standing up as one and being counted – stop being sheeple. Vote in your upcoming senatorial and presidential elections, as your lives depend on it, perhaps as never before. Encourage and mobilise everyone you know or meet to vote, especially your normally apathetic younger generation, as they have the most to loose here. Start the healing process as a nation and best wishes for a long, abundant and peaceful nation, from the majority of us out there, globally.

  • Randy Perkins

    You would think saying the word disgrace that many times something would sink in. Like in the middle of one of his speeches he would go quite for a second and just be like "OH…."

  • George B

    Yep, look it up, his picture is next to the word DISGRACE. He epitomizes the very definition of it. Excerise YOUR PAID FOR IN BLOOD RIGHT TO VOTE BLUE IN November!

  • rvpstudioscanada

    I really don’t get American politics. How is it that the ONLY PEOPLE that seem to run is OLD WHITE GUYS. …HOW IS IT supposed to represent the American public with DIFFERENT social and financial backgrounds..as well as the DIFFERENT cultures within the United States, when ALL WE SEE is NO VISUAL REPRESENTATION to the middle or lower class..unless you are an old white man yourself. Look at your Senate. And ask WHY the Nation is SO DIVIDED on different policies. Because the government DOESN’T represent the public.. which IT IS THEIR JOB TO DO. Unless you do a COMPLETE OVERHAUL on the visual dynamics of your government, NOTHING will ever change.

  • Joe Smith

    trump's name is a walking biohazard criminal disgrace-would steal anything not "bolton" down including the up coming 2020 election as they allowed him to do the last one, through republican voter fraud that's still happening everywhere…the demo's are still ameatures at that voter scam games … guess you know who got monopoly games as kids and practiced handing out trophies at the finish if each crookedly play game-trophies titled "best lying, cheating, stealing, ruthless political jerks win of 2020"?!

  • rune naljoss

    Every mainstream late-night show host is a liberal. No shame or surprise in that. That said, there's no nuance since Jon Stewart left (well left of center though he was, of course). Only sanctimonious holier-than-thou preaching to the choir and taking cheap shots at (very) easy targets.

    Jimmy Kimmel is the only one who remains funny, doing it. He doesn't seem preachy; he doesn't seem to be looking down his nose… he seems genuine and not calculating. It really makes him the only sufferable late-show host around, if you can't stand the toadying, humble-bragging, sucking-up, sycophantic, censorious types. Or the plain ignorant ones.

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