VA News – March 02, 2020
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VA News – March 02, 2020

Hello everyone, I’m Marine
Corps Veteran, Matt Webb. You’re watching VA News. Year one out of the service
presents a lot of change, but the stress of change is
not a weight you have to carry alone. Newly separated service
members can expect three calls from qualified
Solid Start representatives over the first year of separation. These calls will come around 90, 180, and 365 days
post separation. So it is critical that
your contact information is up to date in eBenefits. On your phone, you can
even save 1-800-827-0611 as the contact for
VA Solid Start. And when you see VA’s on
the line, take the call. As a reminder, flu season
is upon us, and just because you
never get sick, doesn’t mean you’re
invincible from getting the flu. A serious misconception
is that the flu shot is only for children
and older adults. However, Veterans under
50 also need a flu shot. A flu shot not only
protects yourself, but also your aging parents,
your small children, your friends, and your
neighbors. Finding a place to get
your flu vaccine is easier than you think. Veterans who are
receiving VA healthcare can get the flu shot at a
nearby VA healthcare facility. Veterans can also receive
their flu shot at Walgreens and the information will
be automatically added to your VA health records. My HealtheVet, one of the
most recognized platforms in VA care is heading
into 2020 with some major momentum. VA announced recently that
the online patient platform has now surpassed
more than five million registered users. Veterans have been using
the platform since 2003 to refill their
prescriptions online, download their electronic
health records, schedule appointments, and send secure messages
to their healthcare teams. My HealtheVet is
completely free to use and is available on
computer and mobile devices. For more information, ask
your healthcare provider or stop by the My
HealtheVet coordinator booth at your local facility. That’s all for this addition
of VA News, I’m Matt Web. Thank you for serving and
thank you for watching. (upbeat techno music)

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