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So I had that dream where I drowned you guys again… hahaahahha You need help. It’s not funny. It’s Great. GUYS , our weekly snack shipment came in, they gave us more pop-tarts (GASP) You guys realize what this means, right? Someone’s missing the most important meal of the day? One of us will die in a breakfast pastry battle royale? my mom never really loved me? No! Well I mean that’s obvious but no guys more is better and right now We are pop-tart rich so we need to spend all these pop-tarts before anybody realizes their mistake any ideas I’m gonna get myself some more Noah and hire him as my personal chauffeur. NOISE *Grunting heavily* Okay, I thought you meant I’m going to be taking my car We will be and you’ll be carrying me in there too up, up the steps. Can’t we just take the elevator. I’d really need the exercise *Continues to grunt heavily as if he is choking* WEEE!!! Noise I’m gonna get MORE hats. *Bubble noises* Woo. WOAH. OH!! Oops my bad. Oh good. You got hat insurance right no. Just take this Oh. Ooh! Hi Yeah, I need an ambulance for a broken vertebrae yeah, I’ll pay in pop-tarts What? What do you mean pop-tarts aren’t real money? Well fine. I guess I’ll just take my business elsewhere! Rude *grunts and screams In agony* bubble noise I’m gonna make my life more musical *Suffering goat noises* You’ve got an email We’ll tell you in song it’s from his plastic surgery, it’s about his little (dong) whoa, okay? Um, it’s not what you think He’s singing about my feet Eeewwww. Okay, okay, just take your pop-tarts. MMMM. feet pitter pattering away Hey, do you guys think you could pay me back for those voice lessons they were like five grand. Oh sure! Oh… Okay, but I paid in real money. heh The goat screams go on Wait can anyone explain to me why in each of your dream scenarios I’m the one getting screwed over? Stop talking Noah. Okay. I have the best idea What’s the one thing you always want when you eat a pop-tart? Milk. Milky water. An emotionally distant mother who also loves milky water. Stop talking Noah. What I’m talking about is more complete silence for me to eat my pop-tart in peace Which is why I shall construct the perfect eating companion. Who I can like also maybe… Date heeheehee. WOOWAHWAHWOOWOOWOO Wow… You’re so beautiful especially now with more frosting ding you know? I’ve never really felt beautiful. I know I am, but I just don’t feel it. Can I kiss you? A Boyfriend??? Noah?? Why you no-good rotten little snake. Shayne, I’m not dating her she’s pop-tarts Oh, Is she not good enough for you. She’s pop..*Slaps* Oh. *Intense music starts* WHAT THE HELL. THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE JUST IN A DREAM SEQUENCE! My whole life is a dream sequence. *Intense music continues* *Slaps* Sorry Shane just made it look really fun Well the FUN? Is over now cause. I’m getting revenge on you And you and you for what you did to me in your dream sequences cause in my dream sequence I’m gonna take the pop-tarts and I’m gonna get more… They’re all gone. What? Yeah I traded all the pop-tarts for real money. We don’t want that Yeah, how am I supposed to purchase goods and services with money? You crazy? I mean I’ll take the money. I could invest it… no(all) guys Let’s just burn it all and move on with our lives GOOD IDEA More pop-tarts just like money, but not. thank you to pop-tarts for sponsoring this video What’s better than frosting more frosting and more on Smosh? To watch How To Stand Up To A Bully Click that box on the left and to watch Every Forever 21 Ever click that box on the right… Suscribe to Smosh, they’re awesome (; From a loyal fan


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