What a jerk! [Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life /ENG, IND, CHN / 2020.03.08]
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What a jerk! [Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life /ENG, IND, CHN / 2020.03.08]

How dare you show up in front of my house? My goodness. Hey! Do you know how much that cost? How dare you sit and make it dirty? How many hours must I work to afford this chair? Get up this instant! What am I that a chairwoman like you would order her to get me fired? Does a rich chairwoman have nothing to do? Why are you complaining to me when you got fired? So you don’t know? I checked the surveillance footage. It wasn’t the chairwoman’s order. As if it wasn’t. And why did you just obey her? I didn’t tell anyone to fire you. You mean you just told my boss of my criminal record? It’s not like I made anything up. Do you know who I am? I don’t care who you are. Do you know who I am? Even if you’re really her brother, I’d like you to not scare her. If you’re a real brother. Never mind. Forget it. My gosh. This is unbelievable. What are you two up to? Lady. I’m warning you. Don’t touch me. You said I’m dirty. That I’m an insect. If you don’t want to get dirty yourself, don’t come after me anymore, okay? What? If you have something against me, come at me yourself. Don’t use your powerless secretary. Do it once more, and I’ll show you myself what an insect can do. You darn insect! You piece of chewed up gum! Hey. What on earth have you done? I’m sorry, ma’am. This is just crazy. Mr. Kim. Where are you? Are you on standby? I’ll call the police now. Do exactly as I say. Okay? How did you end up in this sewer? Mun Haerang. Kang Boreum. Are your eyeballs just an accessory? How dare you talk to an adult like that? Aren’t you the fool who was violent to Chairwoman Hong? You even spoke down to her. Who are you anyway? I have no time for you. Go on your way. I heard you’re an orphan. You’re a piece of trash. You had no parents to teach you better. Darned orphans just can’t help but show it. Hey. What did you say? What did you call me? Say that again. You might end up punching me. Shut your mouth and just repeat what you said! I will. Listen carefully this time. I called you a darn orphan. You scumbag. What? A darn orphan? Yes. I’m a darned orphan! – How dare you… / – Someone help me! – Are you okay? What’s wrong? / – Let go. Can’t you tell? He hit me because we bumped shoulders while walking. Can you get up? Call me an ambulance. I’m dying over here. What a jerk. Keep quiet. Let go of me! He started the fight with me! Will you come quietly or must we handcuff you? You jerks. Get in. Go on. I’ll get in myself.


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