Why Does A Mom Dog Longing For Love Bite Her Tail Only In Front Of Her Puppies? | Kritter Klub
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Why Does A Mom Dog Longing For Love Bite Her Tail Only In Front Of Her Puppies? | Kritter Klub

5-day-old puppies And mom Jjong-Jjong with an injured tail What happened to her? Guardian : She spins and bites herself… Multiple times a day, Suddenly starts to harm herself Stop that.. Owner : It’s only temporary. She needs to stop herself Jjong-Jjong, stop it But soon after, harms herself again.. Worried about the puppies Guardian : She takes care of the puppies well PD : Was she traumatized? Guardian : No trauma, but she bit her tail off after giving birth While going through pregnancy and labor The strange behavior began Not only that She barks into the void Guardian : She probably sees something Why does she suffer this much? Vet : No one can stop her Jjong-Jjong has reached the point of OCD Animal behaviorist : When diagnosed with OCD, It’s important to observe what happens before and after the behavior To find what triggers it. What in the world is causing the dog pain.. 12-hour surveillance Discovers one certain pattern in her behavior After the strange behavior, she always look at something.. What does it mean..? Animal Behaviorist : She’s always looking over there Whatever’s triggering her is over there. To get people’s interest… Whenever people were around, she bit her tail even more Shocked guardians.. Owner : When she was little, I’d put her in front (of the yard).. And was loved by children and adults.. After Jjong-Jjong got pregnant For the safety of her and the puppies the guardian moved them to the warehouse To keep them safe Vet : Jjong-Jjong felt she was abandoned when her guardian’s intention was to keep her safe Jjong-Jjong thought she was banished.. Blocked on all four corners As if cast away on a remote island.. Vet : It’s physically and mentally exhausting Simultaneous change of environment, heart, and medication There needs to be a holistic treatment Tearing down the wall of misunderstanding Treating the bitten tail And a new house for Jjong-Jjong! Doghouse maker : If you make it transparent, you can still see (the outside) To make Jjong-Jjong feel less frustrated A new, see-through house is ready to accomodate her! To adjust to the new house Put a blanket with the guardian’s scent You’ve been through a lot Jjong-Jjong returns from surgery Huh? Mom, is this house for me? Guardian : Jjong-Jjong, you likey (the new house)? I feel sorry that it was my fault I should give her more attention Make sure that her family is by her side Even when the guardian’s absent, to reduce anxiety Prepares soothing music (feat. mom) Jjong-Jjong~ What’s the matter Jjong-Jjong, why are you here, what about your puppies? Jeez, I’m going.. Sorry for leaving you in the warehouse Remember, mama loves you more than anyone else


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