Woman Thinks Boyfriend Is Cheating With Her Mom AND Daughter (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. This is the case of
Dominguez v. Ybarra.
You all are engaged. You’ve been together
for over six years. And Ms. Dominguez,
you’ve come here with some very
serious allegations of cheating
against Mr. Ybarra. Tell us why
you’ve opened
your case today. Because I’m here to find out if he’s cheating on me
with my mother. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE KEITH: With your mother? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA:
Uh, what… what? I’m sorry. I’m stunned. Tell me
what you are feeling thinking that your fiance
of six-plus years is cheating on you
with your mother. Because I’ve heard
from my mother. She told me that… That’s a lie. KATHY DOMINGUEZ:
He wanted her to go
across state with her and start a new family. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) And to leave me and they will move on in life. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) So I’m here today to find out
if he’s cheating on me ’cause if he is, he’s gonna be left here
in this courtroom,
Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) So let’s do this right now. So your mother told you
that Mr. Ybarra has offered
to leave you and go with her
and start
a whole new life? Yes, yes. JUDGE DANA: A family
and everything. Mr. Ybarra? Are you cheating
on your fiancee with your future mother-in-law? No, she knows. Never I cheat on her.
I love her so much. DOMINGUEZ: Love don’t hurt. And never I talk
to her mother…
Nothing like that. Your Honor,
I’ve been here for him. I learned him English. He never knew nothing when I got with him
seven years ago. So you have…
You are saying you have brought him up? DOMINGUEZ: Yes, Your Honor. You taught him
how to speak English. DOMINGUEZ:
He didn’t know anything. He didn’t know
how to put deodorant on. He didn’t know
how to put cologne on. He didn’t know anything
until he came in my life. So your goal
is to find out after all this
work you’ve done to help him become
a better man. DOMINGUEZ: Yes, Your Honor. And if you find out
he’s cheating,
you’re done. I’m done. He can go
pack his… and get out of my house. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) We kind of have
to watch our language
in court, okay? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE KEITH:
Mr. Ybarra, she’s fired up. You know,
and I can imagine why. I mean, we don’t get
too many allegations where someone
is sleeping with
their fiancee’s mother. It’s a lie. Never had
nothing to do with her and… Never told her mother nothing. They don’t wanna see her
with a good man. And that’s what I’m thinking. They wanna see her
by herself. Like… So, why did my mother
come to me and tell me, you wanted to be with her? You call her
every single day. When you get off work,
you gonna call her. And you’re gonna pick her up,
take her out to eat. You play with her hair,
you grab her… Yeah, what is this?
I mean… Never. Have you seen him? Have you seen him
playing with her hair? I’ve seen him
close with my mom.
Flirting with her, laughing,
smoking cigarettes,
you know. Carrying on. I believe that
he is doing something. To be nice
with my mother-in-law, she wanna take that
to another level. It’s her. So, you’re saying
you’re just being nice. RAMON YBARRA: Yes. And you’re a good man. Yes. JUDGE KEITH: You aren’t doing
anything inappropriate. No. No. Mr. Ybarra,
there’s her side,
there’s your side, and then there’s
her mother’s side. And she’s here
right now. Ron, would you escort
Ms. Dominguez’s mother in? (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Please stand
at the witness stand
up there. JUDGE KEITH:
Good day, ma’am.
How are you? BRENDA FRAGAS:
Pretty good.
How are you? Doing okay. Would you state your name,
please, for the court? FRAGAS: Brenda Fragas. And you are
Ms. Dominguez’s mother? Is that correct? FRAGAS: Yes. Can you tell us
what has happened between you
and Mr. Ybarra? I go over and visit with him. And when I went over
one weekend to barbecue, Ramon was flirting around
with me. Playing with my hair,
playing with my ears. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Then we got to talking. He said he wanted
to be with me. He wanted to start a new life
and stuff like that. Really? FRAGAS: And… YBARRA: No, it’s a lie. FRAGAS: This is what happened. Okay. How long ago
was this? FRAGAS: Last year. Last year? JUDGE KEITH: It’s when
it started? When it started. JUDGE DANA: So last year
at a barbecue? At a barbecue. JUDGE DANA: He was playing
with your hair. Playing with your ear,
saying to you
he wants to be with you? Yes. But I got to thinking
and, you know, my daughter’s in love
with him and wanted
to be with him. So, I went up and told her
that Ramon is cheating on her. But you were willing. You even considered
going away with him. Is that correct? Yeah. What’s that about? JUDGE DANA: Okay. Did… Ugh… It’s a lie. How does it make you feel
that your mother was considering
leaving with your fiance? I feel pretty bad
about it. But… JUDGE DANA: Did you know
she was thinking about that? No, Your Honor. I just…
I can’t imagine what I would
think or feel if I found something
out like this. You are taking this
So, your mother tells you that your fiance
has been hitting on her, and talking
about going away. What did you
do at that point? I’m just trying to figure out
if it’s true or not. I ask him every day.
“Is it true?” He tells me parts.
But he don’t
tell me everything. So were you
attracted to him? I mean, you were
contemplating leaving your
current relationship
to go with him. I was just gonna start
Just something different? Yeah. JUDGE KEITH:
Your daughter’s fiance,
just something different? Basically. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE KEITH: I’m just trying
to get the picture. Your fiance is allegedly
hitting on your mother… He just told me
that he was, like,
helping her out. And he’ll give her cigarettes
and smoke with her. And then he tells me
that his mother’s not here, so he wants to treat her
like a mother. Okay. Why were you
rubbing her hair and
playing with her ears? Nobody does that
with their mother. I got three sons. But these are lies. I was nice to her like every son-in-law is nice to a mother-in-law. When you say you being
nice to her, what does
that include? Does that include a hug? Yeah, like this. JUDGE KEITH: Just a pat on… Yeah. Not an extended
hug like this? YBARRA: No. No. You know, you look.
You know… Touch her face,
do anything like that? No. So, did you ever
put your arm around her and say like, you know,
“We should go…” I mean, even if
you were playing, did you ever put
your arm around her
and just say, you know,
“We should
run off together.” No. JUDGE KEITH: Okay.
Some kind of interaction
gave her this impression. No. JUDGE KEITH: No, nothing? Nothing. You believe all of this
is coming about because she is jealous
of your fiance? Uh, that’s what
I’m thinking. I’ve come here
to prove I’m not doing nothing
wrong to… Because I wanna
be with her. Yeah. I come here
to prove everything. Ms. Fragas,
is that true? Are you jealous
of your daughter? No, I’m not jealous. JUDGE DANA: And here’s why
I’m having a problem. If he came on to you, why wouldn’t you
tell your daughter right then
or the next day? “Babe, this is what
happened to me.” And then when
you add to it the other layer of
“I actually considered it.” She was thinking about it. “I actually, you know, “might leave
the current relationship.” Yeah, I was thinking
about leaving. That’s so inconsistent.
That’s very inconsistent. It gives credence
to what he is saying. That you are jealous. That you’re gonna
stand in her shoes. No. I’m not jealous. JUDGE DANA: You’re not jealous? No. Do you have any other
allegations of cheating besides your mother… Not that this
isn’t serious enough. Your Honor, I believe he also tried to cheat
he’s cheating
with your daughter? My daughter
came to me crying
and told me, “Mom, I need to talk to you.”
And I said, “What is it?” And she said that,
“Ramon tried to come on to me.” “And he gave me money,
and he seemed like he wanted
more to it.” And I was like,
“Really? “So, did he try anything?” And she was like, “No,
but he just got close to me, “and was just asking me,
you know, to move on “and he wanted
to have kids with me, “because you
couldn’t have kids.” JUDGE DANA: Wow. And things like that,
Your Honor. It’s a lie. Oh, and Mr. Ybarra,
have you ever given… YBARRA: Yes,
I gave her daughter money. She called me, she say,
“I need $20.” I told her, okay,
I’m on my way to work. I give her that $20. And she told me,
“Don’t tell my mom,” because she knows,
she’s gonna get mad. So, when you gave her
the $20, did she, you know, give you a hug
and say, thank you? Kiss you on the cheek? No, no, she was inside
in the car. So you just
handed her the money? Yes, and that’s it. Have you ever
flirted with her,
I mean given her… DOMINGUEZ:
Yes, Your Honor. Never. Actually, we was
at my house barbecuing, and she bent over,
and he was just
staring at her… (AUDIENCE CLAMORING) Never. I’m here
and the daughter’s car
comes right here. And, I’m looking
the other direction, because I already
know her… Okay. …how she is. She’s gonna think,
“Oh, you are
in the front, “looking at my daughter.” So, when she came to you
and told you about the money… Mmm-hmm. Did you ask
Mr. Ybarra about it? Few days, maybe a week later, I ask him, did he meet Brit
and give her money, and he said no. I lied on that, because I know she don’t like
when we help her daughter. So, you did not
say to her,
“I wanna run away with you.” No, I didn’t. These ladies are trying
to do a set-up, because she is jealous,
over the mother. Well, unfortunately, the daughter cannot
be here today, but she did submit
a statement to the court. JUDGE DANA: She states…
(READING) “Ramon would sneak
around my mom’s back
to meet up and give me money. “But then,
the flirty messages started. “He would send me
‘Good morning, beautiful’
texts and goodnight texts. (SOBBING) “Tell me that he wanted
to run away and be with me “and not to tell my mom.” That’s a lie. So, Ms. Fragas,
are you aware of this? FRAGAS: Yes. JUDGE DANA You’re aware
that he’s been flirting
with your granddaughter, too? How did you find out,
about this? Because Brittany
had told me about it. Did you tell
your granddaughter that he had also
been flirting with you? Yeah. JUDGE DANA: 500 Internal Server Error

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