WOW! Putin Got A Marriage Proposal From Young Russian Woman In Ivanovo, Known As ‘City Of Brides’!
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WOW! Putin Got A Marriage Proposal From Young Russian Woman In Ivanovo, Known As ‘City Of Brides’!

The children clinic where Putin arrived in Ivanovo region, is recently reconstructed It is experimental hospital. For example, all doctors have a smartphone where they have a special application to see patient attendance. This simplifies life for both medical personnel and patients. Putin electronically registered for a medical visit, went to receive hall, and went to an ophthalmologist. In front of the clinic, citizens were waiting for the president. As usual, they asked to take a photo with him, help them in solving communal problems. There were also this kind of proposal. Let me marry you! Thank you very much, it’s a good offer! -What is your name? -Yulia. I left my photo with the phone number to your entourage… Thank you. We are glad that you came to us! Ivanovo was always called a city of brides. Today I got a marriage proposal. Cameras were filming, so the girl will become famous in the whole country


  • gopi krishna pesarlanka

    IAM from India and, I like Putin more than any other leaders…..🦾🦾🙋 The one and only legend for Russia…💪💪

  • Real Human

    Ok… Let's wait for the dumb hypocrites supporting CNN or FOX or Western "freedom" in general infecting the comments section with brainwashed hateful ideologies.

    3, 2, 1….

  • Georgia Lynn Jones

    Mr. Vladmir, I want to be rich and famous all over the countryside. I likethe innovative hospital , would be there if I could. take care and thank you. Georgia Lynn. nyc and scared.

  • Random Task

    We can fight each other and blow the whole world up, or wildly cooperate and reach all of the stars together. The only choice should be self evident to all, and working together is the only path that can save humanity. So mote it be

  • Ray Mew

    Lucky old president. She was absolutely gorgeous. The Women in that part of the world have a natural raw beauty that is unsurpassed.

  • Antonios Panayiotou

    He deserves it! But as always, the great diplomat puts it in perspective. We are so lucky to have such a man in these horrible Times.

  • Mathew Paul

    …i think the current Democratics used Putin as a punching bag, Remember what Obama said about Russia? Remember when Hillary hit the "reset" bottom on Russian/USA relations? Putin is a great leader for his country just as Trump is a great leader for America…

  • خالد المشرافي

    حياه العربي منكوب بين إسرائيل صهيوني دعش وحزب الله احتلال العراق امريكا يساوي. الإرهاب العالمي شكر روسيا اسعدتنا في حرب اكتوبر ضد صهيوني العرب أكثرهم لا يعرفون صهيوني فرق بين صهيوني ويهود يهود منكن يعيشون بسلم كل دين مثل مسيح أسلم كل دين على الطريق الصحيح. بعض دينت حروفه مثل صهيوني التي تزعم له دوله مثل باسم اسرائيل. بعض المسحين والمسلمين

  • Matteo Desimio


  • Nadia Marsile

    À sigh of end of times saying by Prophet . :- when women Ask to men for mariage .but I have some exemples some years ago .. congratulations !😄😘

  • Rock Stone

    Did she know that Putin already have a young bride. She is making Putin's wife, mistress unhappy with a proposition like this.

  • Based lvl 9000 Ultra Chad Boomer

    Yes Russian who'res will do anything you tell them to do in bed … but their only purpose is to destroy your soul… you must be extremely harsh with them in order for them to obey…

    That's why Russians drink so much vodka

  • A K

    LOL… Interesting Marriage proposal President Putin is Vlad as well.!! Handsome Man.!! Nowadays no one has personal life anymore they all just Live to find love of their Life some do some don't.!! Cameras are rolling all around.!! is it good or bad?

  • Boogerdog

    AMERICA FLAT OUT LOVES UNCLE VLADIMIR. Make no mistake, Americans watch Pres. Putin. Our Uncle's Vlad n Donald will get it done.
    Much in common!

  • A b

    Mr putin
    A ceasefire agreement
    This is an illusion with the terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra (Free Army).
    They work for Turkey
    They were created before ISIS
    Homeland soldiers killed Syria
    They destroyed the Shia tomb
    They used chemical weapons
    And they violated all the agreements

  • I like winter 겨울이좋아

    God bless you russia Putin president is great and very kind from South korea and russia i love you 🇷🇺❤🇷🇺❤🇷🇺❤🇷🇺❤🇷🇺❤🇷🇺❤🇷🇺❤🇷🇺❤

  • Marla Jacques

    I’m not much into admiring public figures, esp politicians and actors but yea, I’d b in line for a chance with Vladimir Putin!

  • youkesh100

    He must be staying indoors. If he gets corona, the anglosaxons will enslave all of us thirdworlders or send us the way of the dead redindians.

  • Dan Dan

    Vladimir Putin brings tears to my eyes miles away and I’m far away from being Russian! This’s how powerful the positive energy of this man bcs God sent him to save this world from the evil empire of dirty politicians and their sinister agendas! Look how Russia dealt with the sinister Turks instead of just attacking them, he cured them! God bless you hero of our world Putin..the future generations for centuries will repeat your name proudly! May God be with you and help you! You deserve a young loving lady to love you, it’s not bad, marry her , bring small heroes for the future to be saved, too! ☝️🙏✌️

  • Louis Hundred

    Good luck Sir 😚😚😚😚💫💫💫💫🌷🌷🌷🌷🍰🍰🍰🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷😀😀😀😁😁😁😁

  • George Bin Shams

    Emperor "Babar Azam" who founded Mughal Emperorism once said" If your Arrows can reach to enemies heart; You shoot your enemy ".
    Russia has their enemy ( the Deepstate of America) in their reach with Russian missiles but why not shoot down their enemy?

    That's because Russians are like village people comparing to rest of the world.

    And they can not see how low and cheap their rulers and politicians are.

    Their current government and leaders are just Dollar hungry bunch of poor people who served for a low salary for life and as a result they keep dreaming that America will be their friends and family and keep giving them Dollars like American been giving last hundred years!

    And what American is doing; is very cunningly exploiting these kind of poor family leaders ( Vladimir Putin or Shoigue and Lavrov) and keep giving them billions of dollars and also at the same time destroying Russian nuclear plants and assets (Air craft carrier Kuznetsev) by secret electronic weapons and accumulating weapons and missile launch pads around Russian borders in Romania and Bulgaria and also in Warsaw Poland to apply first strike nuke policy and wipe out Russians from the globe.

    First when America was installing nuke launch pads in Romania and Bulgaria and others around Russian borders to west; Vladimir Putin said if those countries allow those American missile system to install ; Russia will destroy not only those missile launch pads but also those command posts in America too.

    But they didn't fire a single air gun bullet to those sites and let alone shooting inside American command posts when those missile launch pads (24 of them each) were completed in Poland and Bulgaria ; and Russian government which is consist of three people 1.Vladimir 2.Shoigue 3.loverov($) only expressed a typical fake angry drama expression in a meeting showing to media and to Russian people saying " we wanna know what's going on in there!" and That's it….

    So Russian should decide whether they follow what Emperor Babar of Mhugolistan said or should go with their money mongers poor or cheap child hood subconscious leaders (puppets of American Oligarchy) who surrounded Russians for nuke missile strikes by West!😎😆😅😃–gewrrnm6CurOSOq7U6tZ4meY5VhbzR2-uadOelt1rIawG7HKVqt7pCgH8COtAbdqCFu5k9LQ8KtIZZnHuub_jH9wcq_vPtC_DWFyDLM4tVVusUgGF16jQ

  • Robert Sterner

    Great but he is already Married to your Country…and his wife is your country ..Gen * Takes his Hat off and points his index finger Down under up 50.50 246111..c.a 180∆° Lest we kill the USA propaganda TV Set.. AQARMAN 1l9..dual Stern von der Putin..

  • Oral kucking fool Williams

    Putin is the best world leader he know the value of God Givin life man and woman god make we for each other to man woman to woman wrong in god rules

  • A k

    The Greatest and the most HUMBLE President in the world Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin!

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