WWII Veteran Skydives for 100th Birthday
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WWII Veteran Skydives for 100th Birthday

My name is Ernest Columbus. I was born
February the 8th 1920 I joined the Army National Guard in 1939 we were called to
active duty in February of 1941 war was declared December of 1941 so we were
called active duty and I was supposed to be discharged but I was home on leave
when it happened and I went right back to the base and I stayed in the unit
until war was over all I knew is that we were gonna be
fighting because war was declared then the following day. [News Anchor] Well turning 100 is reason enough to celebrate, right? Well, a Central Texas veteran is honoring his century from more than 10,000 feet up news 10’s Meghan Vance low has his story. [Ernest] Well, I’ll tell you what happened was I
have a friend, he’s 103 now, and he was gonna drop out of the
airplane when he’s 100 and I decided I wanted to do the same thing. I’m gonna be
dropping out of the airplane and I just felt like how to do something
to memory my hundred years of life Because I was in the service, I go to the VA. When I go to the VA it’s just like going to any doctors, or just better even. When I go up there I don’t have to wait long. They just treat you like like — like your
family. I’m satisfied with the
service that I got from the VA. They just made me feel like
home. [News Anchor] Good job, Ernie. Well the only physical requirement
needed was the ability to left lift your legs for the landing and Ernie says he was able to do that because of all the good care he gets at the VA.

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