Xiao Zhan camp apologizes for AO3 controversy, Eternal Love of Dream hits 5 billion views
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Xiao Zhan camp apologizes for AO3 controversy, Eternal Love of Dream hits 5 billion views

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update March 3rd 2020 edition. In this edition, Xiao Zhan’s camp apologizes
for the Archive of Our Own controversy and Eternal Love of Dream surpasses five billion
views but first.. Revenge and Sacrificeis
an upcoming costume drama starring Allen Ren and Zhang Huiwen. The drama tells the story of young master
who rescues a young maiden who’s searching for a magical healing pearl. Allen Ren recently starred in Under the Power
with Seven Tan. Under the Power had a successful run, hitting
no. 1 in viewer ratings for many weeks,
something I’m sure Allen Ren would love to emulate with Revenge and Sacrifice. Zhang Huiwen was last in Nirvana In Fire 2
and I remember enjoying her performance in that. Revenge and Sacrifice was rumored to premiere
on Feb 29th. I kept an eye open for it but it never came
out, so the wait continues. I will provide more updates on it when they give
them. Like a Flowing River 2is
an upcoming modern drama starring Wang Kai and Yang Shuo. It is of course the sequel to the first season
and I’m assuming it will continue where the first left off. Wang Kai returns as the modern and brilliant
deputy leader of a chemical company whereas Yang Shuo returns as the brash but amiable
village chief in this story set in a developing China in the 70s. I’m certainly watching out for this as I loved
season 1. It was one of the best dramas of 2018 in my
opinion, certainly had some of the best acting not just from the leads
but from also the talented supporting cast. Only thing is that it suffers from what
I call Game of Thrones syndrome – it’s been so long since the last season that I can’t
even really remember it anymore. Wang Kai hasn’t had anything come out since
season 1 but Yang Shuo has had three dramas air,
the latest of which was Return The World To You with Guli Nazha. I will give more updates on Like a Flowing
River 2 when they provide them. And before we get to Xiao Zhan and Eternal
Love of Dream, a quick word on Express VPN. Whether I’m at home or travelling, the first
thing I do before I surf the internet, is log on to Express VPN and connect to a server. Not only do I use Express VPN to protect my
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free on a 12-month plan to all viewers of my channel. All you have to do is use the link in the
description box below – expressvpn.com/marcussim Xiao Zhan’s Studio issues apology over Archive
of Our Own controversy. So quite a bit has been said about this in
the past couple of days and I will try to shed some light on this as I understand it. It has to do with Archive of Our Own which
recently became a victim of Chinese censorship. What is Archive of Our Own for those of us
who don’t know? Archive of Our Own or AO3 for short is a Hugo-winning
fanfiction website. Basically, people can go to the website and
share stories they’ve written featuring characters from movies, dramas, comics etc. Those of you aren’t familiar with this genre,
do check it out the website – I recently did and found it quite interesting. Anyway, The Untamed, being the super popular
drama that is, is the source of many of these fictional works. Stories of what could’ve been or what happened
after the finale have been shared on the website. However, it seems a section of Xiao Zhan’s
fans were offended by some of the stories and demanded they be taken down,
especially the ones that focused on his romance with male characters. These fans even went so far as to report them
to the censorship authorities China. And this is where the controversy lies. On Feb 29th, reports surfaced that AO3 was
no longer accessible in China. The Organization for Transformative Works,
the group that runs the website, confirmed the ban. This has reportedly led to cases of AO3 fans,
who now no longer have access to the website, threatening to hurt themselves. Obviously, AO3 and the fanfic world
mean a lot to them. And just a word on that situation, I really
hope it gets resolved ASAP and these people get all the help need, be it medical or emotional. So now the question arises, was Archive of
Our Own’s ban a result of the big stir caused by that section of Xiao Zhan’s fans? Well that is the speculation. However, it’s no secret that the government
continually cracks down on queer and sexually explicit content
so it could very well just be that and have nothing to do with the big stir. You can be your own judge of that but personally,
I feel it’s a bit too much of a coincidence. Xiao Zhan’s studio released a statement regarding
all of this. They continue to say that Xiao Zhan has been
in isolation at home and supports the control measures to help fight the epidemic. I personally feel that Xiao Zhan and his camp
are not responsible for this. Superstars like Xiao Zhan will have extreme
fans and he can’t possibly be responsible for all their actions. As its name implies, Archive of Our Own is
just that; a place where people can come and share stories of their own. If people don’t like it, they don’t have to
be a part of it. Eternal Love of Dream has two new positive
updates for fans. The first is that as of March 1st, it has
surpassed five billion views, and that’s on Chinese streaming platform, Tencent, alone. It’s also been the number one web drama in
China for a couple of weeks now. The Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms spin-off might
have premiered to mixed reviews but it seems to have really picked up. From what I have read, there a few reasons
for this. It’s stayed faithful to the novel, it’s got
gorgeous CGI and it’s got a pleasing soundtrack. I’ve also read comments saying that the acting
has improved and that the story which has moved to Aranya’s dream arc has picked up. The second positive update is that its Douban
rating has now increased to 6.1. Admittedly, that’s not a super exciting score
but considering it was under 5 when it first came out, 6.1 ain’t too shabby. Another reason for the drama’s surge in popularity
could also be Vengo Gao’s recent Weibo outing. A few days ago, he held a session in which
he interacted with fans in character, as Donghua Dijun. The session pleased many of the drama’s fans
and garnered nearly 100,000 comments. Vengo has been receiving positive feedback
for his portrayal of three different character personalities on the drama. His on-screen romance with Dilraba has also
consistently trended online. In an interview, he attributed this to their
chemistry. “There’s always a sense of freshness when
working with Dilraba,” he said. “When we improvise, we always click very smoothly”. He also said that there’s always an abundance
of laughter on set, and that one time he laughed so hard at
Lawrence Wang’s acting, that his wig fell off. Sounds like a wonderful set to work on. I haven’t really been following Eternal Love
of Dream, those of you who have, would you agree with the assessment that it’s
gotten better? Or did you already love it right from the
start? Let us know in the comment section below. And that’s it for this edition guys. This show would not be possible without your
support, whether it is through Patreon or simply by watching, liking and subscribing,
so thank you all for watching and as always I wish you clear blue skies, good health and
happiness. Until next time, cheers.


  • LifeIsBliss

    For me Eternal love of dream started off really slow and boring (almost gave up on the show) but when it finally picked up WOW!!! Soooo good! Now I’m an obsessed fan lol 😝

  • Peggy Tanaka

    Drama love and the emperor
    Just uploaded over YouTube
    Just finished episode 2
    Total 24 episodes
    Look out on the sayings by li xia before the end of the episodes
    Very meaningful information on human life
    Cheers for a new drama to add to list to watch

  • ms wasabi

    Digital world is just taking over your life even emotionally effecting people, this is a lesson in learn for what it needs to be done in future. People get some help and be safe from all sorts of various health issues going on.

  • Kim Yang

    Thanks for the explanation on A03 . Once again is all about freedom of speech . Hope all is well. Always enjoy all your picks.

  • Katherann Lee

    Something profound has reached me about Xiao Zhan. Have you ever pondered why such a person has come into the spotlight and this particular time? I think he has had this because it is somehow connected to many of our lives in a way that seems part of our destiny. I find it mystical and magical positive way. No negative thing’s can change that.

  • h. a

    I am freaking enjoying watching eternal love of dream a. K. A pillow book… Despite everything wrong in it, it is not perfect or high class drama but it has its addictive charm 🤣🤣🤣

  • Anastasia B

    Xiao Zhan doesn't need to apologize for the stupidity of other people! First of all, stop writing your fetish fantasies using names of REAL PEOPLE especially if you live in a dictatorship! Second, if you don't like someone's writing, deal with them directly, don't snitch on them to the government that imprisons minorities and enforces censorship. And third, if the shitstorm YOU created results in one or several websites being closed, don't blame the Actor that had nothing to do with it in the first place, blame the writers who can't separate their fantasy from reality, blame the snitches and blame THE GOVERNMENT.

  • h. a

    It definitely gone thousand times better than its early episodes… From the acting to the story.. But i wish they gave them better clothes & wigs

  • spiceknack22

    6.1 is an appropriate eating to ELD. I am so disappointed with this drama. I couldn't make it pass 10 episode. You shouldn't need 10 episodes for the drama to get good.

  • Victoiria

    I'm addicted to Eternal Love of Dreams. i love the lead characters their acting is excellent. But it's such a sad story that I cry offen I feel so sad for Bia Fj. I hope they are able to be together at the end and the Imp Emp will cherish Bia Fj and not go back to being an asshole.

  • RoseNZieg

    the funniest thing ever that came out in this shenanigan is that people really expect xiao zhan to have control of his fans. it is a really unreasonable expectation doomed to crash and burn. reality is a harsh teacher.

  • RoseNZieg

    i haven't seen ELoD yet. i think i will wait for it to finish airing before i watch it. i expect to skip alot. i'm not in the mood for long drama these days.


    I agree with you…XZ is not at fault…just a victim in all of this mess. He is currently busy mourning the loss of his grandfather and helping with funeral arrangements…he does not have time to deal with this childish fan war. If I was in his shoe, I would kept silence and just concentrate on healing and support his family during this time of loss…that is more important

  • ella parkinson

    As you said in your clip, this is not his fault (XZ) and he doesn’t have nothing to do with it, but he is the one who suffering and paying the consequences. I don’t him personally, but to me he look like a nice man and very gentle nature and he doesn’t deserve all this aggravation his getting.

  • Lourdes Bernido

    I was listening to Xiao Zhan’s songs and oh boy felt 💘 for him…he’s so good his voice is superb 💞

  • Katherann Lee

    Eternal love of dream has been a
    Interesting and has progressively gotten better. I feel the leads chemistry is true and creates the right atmosphere for the story. Love after all is the glue that pulls me and keeps me.

  • Sheen D

    Yes I've been supporting this drama Eternal Love of Dream since the beginning until the last episode 💕 lovelovelove for 迪丽热巴 🇨🇳♥️🇨🇳 Thank you Marcus. God bless you always 🙏

  • SL Mitch

    I thought Asian people were the moral and upright until I became a Asian drama fan. Now, all I see is a bunch of angry uncontrollable mobsters with no conscience. They're no better than the rest of the world. Seen to much of this mob behavior from them. Crazy Asian will not stop me from loving the Untamed and it's actors though. I love me some Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo. (Getting the side-eye from family.) Anyways, this child shouldn't apologize for a damn thing. He id not responsible for other people's crazy behavior. The ones who started this are horrible fans. Your fan cards are revoked.

  • Miriam Makena

    Zhan doesn't need/blamed to apologize instead they should take those fictions downs,,,eg in YT there lots of these videos,,,,
    They should be even be banned
    Meanwhile eternal love of dream is going well apart from those creepy snakes😁😁😁

  • Erica Ford

    Thank you for the breakdown❤️ #1 I am saddened for the souls who are not able to distinguish fact from fiction. All excellent movies have this type of drawbacks since the beginning of cinemas. Things happen for a reason. My prayers are for all caught up in this: Stay strong and Stay positive. #theuntamed #bosombuddies. #2 I am enjoying the show 3Lives3Worlds:The Pillow Book❣️ I’ve enjoyed the show since Eternal Love with Yang Mi/Mark Chao. All the characters are engaging. I get dizzy with the time periods but it’s OK🤣😜😘 Patiently waiting for next episodes on #rakutenviki Oh, the torment!

  • Gladys Thaw

    I think ppl living in free countries may not understand their system of restrictions.
    Sad to say that haters do not want to hear everybody loving him openly , freely & unconditionally……..

  • Skittles *Dawn* Lane

    He dont need to apologize…it is called fanfiction for a fucking reason…smh. what a way to take away your rights..smh


    Xiao Zhan é um ator brilhante, um cantor brilhante e um ser humano brilhante, desculpar-se pelo que? Por ser brilhante em todos os sentidos. O que causa esse tipo de coisa é a inveja, ele não tem culpa e nem é responsável pelo que é postado em um site, e continuará brilhando. E todos torcemos e oramos para a China e o mundo superarem o COVID-19. Rocio Domanski

  • Wolfen Moondaughter

    Yeah, I've seen posts saying that Xiao Zhan's fans weren't the ONLY reason AO3 was banned, that it was already planned, & this sitch was basically just the excuse used to make it happen. Anyway, AFAIK, it wasn't the Untamed fics that those fans were upset by, so much as by the RPFs, or "Real Person Fics", featuring Xiao Zhan (rather than Wei Wuxian) described as being in sexual relations, particularly the ones where he was paired with men. I'm guessing that's what really prompted the line about love for Xiao Zhan being positive and productive, and about pursuing one's idols "within reason" — that it basically means, "Please stop writing about HIM having sex with other people." Now, I don't agree with what some fans did in reaction to the RPF, getting everyone cut off from the site like that, but I AM sympathetic to their concerns of how such works might negatively affect his image, given how anti-LGBTQIA China is (honestly, it's something of a miracle that Chen Qing Ling was even made). Also, while I don't suspect that he, personally, was in any way involved with the ban, It's gotta be pretty unsettling to find out that people are writing stories of such an intimate nature about you as a person, rather than just a character — although, at least in the US, I think that's something most celebs come to just take in stride, understanding that people are going to fantasise what they're going to fantasise, and that they're going to talk about their fantasies online. (I knew someone who wanted to be a writer but was sickened by the idea that people might shipping her characters in incestuous ways. I told her, " Then don't be a writer — keep your stories to yourself. You can't tell other people what to think about your story in their own heads, or how to talk about it with others.") All that said, regardless of one's feelings about RPF, AO3 is about MUCH more than that, and it sucks that all fans in China are now denied this creative outlet for ANY of their fandoms, regardless of the hows and whys of the ban.

  • Maxine Williams

    Thanks Marcus as always a great job. I’m not a fan of ELOD. I watched up to ep 26 and stopped. I also agree, I don’t think it’s Xuo Zhan’s fault or responsibility. Enjoy your week ❤️

  • Ali B

    XZ should not be blamed for people with obvious mental problems. This is like blaming the spoon for making you fat! He is innocent and they should all be ashamed of themselves.

  • Zooba Ali

    I am sad that this mess had ruined many possible works for him. Marcus, is there any news about Oath of Love? I'd be devastated if it's cancelled or delayed much more 🙁

  • tinadel ada

    I'm from Nigeria and I love Chinese dramas a lot, I enjoyed The Untamed, Eternal Love and many others. I'm currently watching Eternal love of dream and I love it…I love Xiao Zhan and I pray he holds up strong, this time will surely pass. 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

  • TheAlte111

    You are the same as everyone. Xiao Zhan is suffering the biggest harassment in the China entertainment industry history but no one mentions that on YT. No one stand to cyberbullying as if it was fine to harass anyone the way Xiao Zhan is harassed by the people.

  • Leorita Urmatam

    Thanks a lot Marcus for your views about XZ, now i can put down my worries in his career because i know that hi's doing his best to please everyone.(though you can't pleased every one)

  • River Song

    This is so unfair to Zhan Zhan. So unfair that I feel frustrated. This is why mob mentality is scary. People who can’t think on their own are the scariest because they will do anything. I hope my xiao Baobei bounces back from all this nonsensical situation.

  • Jhenniferl Ao-as

    Its true the drama eternal love of dreams is becoming better & better and i always waiting all episodes with eng subs thanks for always updating watching here in UAE 😍

  • Kikii007

    Thanks for the support and message regarding XiaoZhan. He shouldn’t be blame and currently there are an all out war cyber-bullying him and all his products/shows. They went and down voted and went crazy commenting different brands to not endorse him. It’s so horrible and now even on Twitter cause we’re XiaoZhan’s fan you’re getting harassed. They’re coming from Weibo to Twitter – so crazy. Hope and pray for XiaoZhan safety and well being. This will pass for a brighter future.

  • Yoonmi Kim

    Avenue X covered the AO3 controversy in detail. So, so sad… on so many levels, ya know?

    First, is that people got offended by a particular fan fiction because a person decided to portray the character, not the actor as trans or at least closer to gender non-conforming–and for this, they got reported and kicked out of Xiao Zhan's fanclub. Seriously? You're getting that upset? The original IP had BL in it. So backstabby.

    The second is the wave of mental health crises that were real after AO3 was taken down. This, I find more understandable, but still really sad. I sympathize with the idea of being stuck in one's house for days on end, barely hanging in there without being able to have contact as usual, and trying to cope with writing. Then to have that cut off… must be harsh. People actually went through with it–so it was real. I do, kinda feel for the fanship, too… and I do know people sometimes use fanship to cover for their own problems. So the sudden kicking out, etc has to be rough.

    And the third is the fans that had that much time to chase after other people like that and thought it was a good idea to call authorities on people because they didn't like what they read. But I'm willing to forgive them given the fact a lot of people are trapped indoors and you're going to lose your mind if you can't really talk to your friends, etc.

    Which goes to show when people are stir crazy and bored, they can be self-destructive. So, I truly wish everyone the best in peace, at least, if not happiness. I have total empathy for those that are trapped like this. Can't be easy.

  • Marites O'Dea

    I have been following their love story since with Ten Miles because of their chemistry. I couldn't get enough now they are both together with their own love story. The Dream of Aranya makes it so exciting for the viewers. You are craving for their togetherness and how they would interact with each other. And how sweet is Dilraba in her acting. It is a complete package with such an innocent look beauty. Plus, VG's acting makes things perfect and very satisfying to me.

  • Marites O'Dea

    With XZ, yes I visited that website before while watching The Untamed. There were so many comments from fans that, yes sometimes you get pissed of and most of the time you will laughed after reading it. Some comments specifies episodes and you just node your after after reading it. But all in all, it turns out the friendship of WWX and LZ was so popular to them and made them created a new world for the WWX and LZ. XZ is very generous to apologize, like WWX character. Fans matter to him.


    I agree with you; my favorite actor the fabulous Mr. Xiao Zhan👍🥰is not responsible for this distasteful recent behavior of a few fans. So, with almost 2billion Chinese… how are you going to fix the mess? 👍🥰😎🎉🎊🤩🥳🎆🎈

  • Tv Le

    I've yet to watch the untamed nor any drama of XZ, but it's so scary to hear fans hurt themselves over this.
    Cant wait for your next update on revenge and sacrifice! Viet community on YouTube are crazy about him at the moment lol

  • Olga Pinsky

    Found the hashtag on Twitter where he’s still being raked over the coals. International fans, if you have Twitter…time to go to work and report these ppl! Hashtag that’s being used: #xiaozhanao3

  • Lorelei Ramirez

    Although in the bad light of the CoVID-19 outbreak, I am happy that Eternal Love of Dream is keeping the Chinese community entertained.☺️ Plus, the cast are so adorable doing skits on their Weibo. 😂

  • Winter Storm

    I found Eternal Love of Dream to be super boring. I was not interested in their love story in Ten Miles either. I really don't see the chemistry between the two. In regards to the Xiao Zhan controversy, it truly breaks my heart. Xiao Zhan is a victim in all of this. He did not need to apologize. He cannot be held responsible for anyone's actions but his own. It is absolutely disgusting to see how many negative comments are on twitter about him. He is extremely kind and humble and has become a target due to his rising fame. I hope he can stay strong and know that he has many fans who will support him.

  • Alynn Quinonezz

    Thank you marcus for the clarifications about Xiao Zhan. I'm already a big fan of him since I watched the Untamed last year and have been following him, Wang Yibo and other casts. Based on the fb pages that I followed bout Zhan and the Untamed dedicated pages, I didn't quite understand the controversies, but after this video I now understand quite well. Kudos!! Keep it up marcus!!!

  • Astroliath

    I loved the series ever since I read the book after TMOPB ended. When u heard they were getting a well deserved love story drama, I was already hyped

  • Milo DG

    Hello Marcus, your outfit looks good on you. Thank you for the drama updates and the clarification about XIAO ZHAN and AO3 . I really appreciate it. You are a person with positive outlook in life. And I like your YT channel.
    Xiao Zhan is a very talented actor and singer with a good heart. And haters can't put a good man down. He have many fans around the world who loves him and believes that he is innocent. I hope that everything goes well with him.
    Have a nice day everyone and cheers 🙂

  • ELF Chitta10

    Eternal love of dream took the crown of best show and i love it from the beginning..most importantly they followed the novel and vengo steals the whole show..

  • Dana Cheung

    Even though reporting to block AO3 and lofter may not be under the guidance of Sean Xiao, but his company definitely told his fans to do so.

    Firstly, you should know the system of Chinese entertainment industry and Sean Xiao’s background.

    The entertainment company and the leading fans are closely connected. Those fans can contact the company directly and they work to lead the public opinion to benefit their idol. The second part comes to Sean Xiao’s background. He got famous thanks to a TV series (Chen Qing Ling) adapted from a gay romance novel. His acting skill is actually not very good, and he depends much on the power of fans to sustain his fame.

    Due to the dependent relationship, the company need a powerful fan organization and it tells fans to do many things in order to support him.

    In this case, the company of Sean Xiao wanted him to dispose the audience’s impression that he is an actor who starred a gay-romance-adapted TV series. SO they told the leading fans to erase these impressions. They blocked the voice of writers and passionate readers, ruining the whole circle for re-creation.

    We could even say that the company directed most of the case, and Sean Xiao must have known it.

    THEREFORE, Sean Xiao is not innocent.
There are many other things that affected my impressions on him. Before this case, I didn’t know much about him except the TV series. HOWEVER, I recently looked up his past Weibo and variety shows, I found that he doesn’t deserve much affections.

    For example, he abused women and discriminated a Chinese-Indian girl verbally. He lied about his achievements in Mandarin many times in the interviews and TV programs. He felt awkward to use wacom and other designing softwares while he and his company told others that he was an excellent graphic designer. MOREOVER, he supported his fans when they cyber bullied innocent people, including famous scientist, recognized debaters, and innocent fans of others.

    He didn’t set a good model for his fans and encouraged their cyber-bullying behaviors. His fans, who ruined our home of re-creating and literature, maliciously slandered China’s political system and blamed others. His company occupied much public resources for their fake apology and blocked the voice of others.


  • Rock Of Peace hardlines

    They are ever creating all ways to see him down ever since he became popular. Most unique of all in zhan is the way he associates and handle matters. He is very petient in all trials he's been through. May God strengthen and fight for him. Humans are not easy.

  • Marie Jonna Cruz

    I don't really understand why Xiao Zhan is the main target of hates, when he has nothing to do with it. He and his fans are different persons. They're barking at the wrong tree. I really hope everything will be okay.

  • michelle yip

    i dun believe in coincidences. however, i do agree that xz is an innocent bystander in this but i also think that he could have done something at the start to prevent this from happening.
    i know that a lot of pp r saying he is a normal guy so he can't b responsible for what his fans did.

    HELLO… WAKE UP CALL…. He can't dictate what his fans do or do not do but he can at least guide them.
    He is an actor that has a fandom. so he is a figurehead to these youngsters. so he should project a positive image at all times. He chooses this job that had him in the limelight. He is like a president of a nation. If he can't handle it, quit the industry.

    i loved fanfiction. However, i did not read the novel that started all these sagas. i did not even heard of AO3 b4 this. however, based on what i heard, i do think the novel is a bit distasteful to me. but if i do not like it, then i dun read it. It is just that simple. people have to understand that ONE MAN MEAT IS ANOTHER MAN POISON. obviously, the fans have too much time on their hands.

    N the apology that was sent out by his management team. U CALLED THAT AN APOLOGY….. THE AO3 issue was not addressed in anyway that i can c…

    But 1 thing that his fans have to bear in mind is that xz rose to fame because of the UNTAMED which is actually based on a BL novel. i watched the series b4 i go n read the novel. I was shocked when i realized it. so isn't this a case of the pot calling the kettle black here…?? U don't go around biting the hand that feeds u…

    For AO3 fans n writers, i m sorry for u all. i do understand what it feel like to have years of works disappeared over9. i m not a writer but i do read a lot of fanfictions n also online novels. It will b damn frustrating if a novel that i m following is not updated daily not to mention having it disappear.

    well, what done is done, there is no pt crying over spilled milk. try to find another platform if it is possible. no pt in boycotting XZ. china won't give u back AO3. It is ok if u want to give a pinch of the pain u r feeling back to XZ, but please don't go overboard. Suicide attempts r out of the question. XZ will not know who u r. N do u think he will feel remorse when he do not even know u….

  • No Name

    I already love GaoWeiGuang since VLove.. although he Improve alot since Candle in the tomb. Hope to see more of him.

  • HS

    Eternal love of dream really got better after they ended the mortal trail. I once considered not to continue it but glad I did. It is way better now

  • David

    This is so sad that people are hating. Xiao Zhan great artist doesn't deserve to have his name dragged through the mud.

  • Malithi Da

    Why every one hate xiao zhan he deserves love rather than hate. My poor zhan ge! No metter what happened I will always support you! Please strong 😢😢😢

  • marine maiden

    That's true, it's really not Xiao Zhan fault. But as an avid user of ao3 and a fanfic reader, I also cannot say I don't understand the anger and frustration if that site is blocked in my country (of course VPN can solve that issue but it's troublesome).
    Targeting public figure (Xiao Zhan) is easier than searching for those in his fan club unfortunately. Things will die down after awhile, Xiao Zhan will be fine but ao3 will forever be banned in China… It's still ao3 user's loss…

  • Jess Santiago

    I agree. I don't think we can blame a celebrity for the doing of his/her fans. And we don't have any proof his fans did it, anyone can report a site or page on internet. We all know the Chinese government is really strict about BL stuff. They adapt dramas from BL novels and cut out the BL from them. So why blaming one person who is at home donating medical stuff to people affected by coronavirus? Is a rumor more important than helping sick people? Again ANYBODY can report a site or page , even if it were XZ fans now it can be another's fans in the future. But blaming him? It wouldn't happen here in Brazil.

  • Rebecca GeekyGirl

    I am so pissed off. I read a fanfic in ao3 at least once a day. I lived in China and the Internet was rubbish. My ExpressVPN didn't work half the time… but at least I could access AO3. Now I'm in Europe waiting for schools in SZ to open again before returning to China, but if I cannot longer use AO3 then I'm not sure I want to come back anyway.
    However, it is not the actor's fault. Just the crazy fans and the goverment…

  • EX Pink

    I must say that this thing must be some "capitalist" involved in this dark water.
    Don't you guys think that is so weird and toooooo coincidence.The government of China had already announced by last year that they will be have a "cleanweb" on March.Normally,this happen often in China. And then,this thing suddenly happened and ncf summon some people to report at this moment,how can be SO COINCIDENCE,I don't believe that there just a coincidence, and i think that this was a premeditation.i have to said that. Ao3 also had announced they will have a service on March…..
    So….your guys know what now.
    Obvious that someone we doesn't know wanted to treat him badly and destroy him and seem had been planning this for a long time ago.Anyway,Don't spread rumours anymore,what we shall do is just keep silence and support him.

    I'm so sorry that my English isn't so good,I'm trying my best to let your guys understand that this is no Justin a SIMPLE thing.

  • Stanley Ho

    XZ shouldn’t apologise for something he is not responsible for. I know the situation and clearly fans (right or wrong) were responsible for their actions, which has nothing to do with XZ. It’s not like he ordered them to do so. And everyone should be busy helping people with corona virus who even has so much time to hate XZ while he didn’t do anything. He was just chilling home (self-quarantine). And XZ fans didn’t want the whole fandom to shut down, they just wanted the author of the XZ fan fiction to take it down, eventually the fan fiction fandom felt the consequences as well done by the government. So in my opinion it wasn’t entirely XZ fans fault because that wasn’t their intention, but that’s up to you. But don’t blame XZ cause he literally had nothing to do with it.

  • Miriam Gates

    Translation from portuguese to english on google translator, you may have some errors:
    1 – At no time do I challenge the right of any fan to protect this young and wonderful idol, Xiao Zhan, but it is necessary to have discernment, healthy and democratic debate (listening to the other side) and deeper knowledge of the cause defended. I ask if these people know the beautiful, positive side, the beautiful messages behind the story or if they fixed themselves only on the erotic part of the text and UNIQUE and exclusively on that. (?????)

    2 – Explaining the beauty of the novel: The story brings very precious human passages:

    – the compassionate adoption of an orphaned child

    – the great love between brothers (the three brothers of the Lotus pier, the brothers Wen Ning and Wen Quing, the brothers of the Nie clan: Mingjue and Huaisang, the brothers of the Gusu Lan sect: Xichen and Wangji)

    – the parental concern with the formation of young people (who were sent to a severe "internship" in Gusu Lan and its strict principles.

    – the joyful creation of the bonds of friendship so important at this age.

    – the courage of the young Wei and Lan Zhan to face evil by investigating the disappearance of cultivators and the dangers of "iron-styrene" or facing the arrogant, rich and very powerful Wen Chao.

    – stresses the union of good citizens in trying to defend themselves against attacks by the Wen clan (representing here the despotic and malicious power) –

    – accentuates the great generosity of young people when Wei chivalrously defends MianMian with his own body and later when Mianmian resigns his positions and privileges to protest the injustice practiced against Wei Wuxian.

    – this generosity is accentuated and enriched when Wei and Lan Zhan sacrifice themselves so that other young people can escape from the slaughter turtle cave

    – generosity that comes close to the SUBLIME-LOFTY when Wei Wuxian renounces the Golden Core itself, its greatest asset and HIS greatest achievement in favor of the somewhat ungrateful brother.

    – the character's resilience is also demonstrated when he is thrown into an abyss from which he emerges stronger and more powerful (an example of someone who does not surrender to a bad destination, fighting with all his strength to survive and win).

    – Wei Wuxian's great, gigantic sense of JUSTICE appears when he faces a whole society that finds it natural and acceptable to kill defenseless children, women and the elderly and renounces his glory and privileges to defend the weakest. Brothers Wen Ning and Quinq also try to sacrifice themselves, surrendering themselves to cruel despots to try to save Wei and the people he protects. The protective friendship between the three is moving and beautiful.

    – good example and kindness are also demonstrated when the beautiful character Xiao Xingchen induces young thief Ah Quing to return stolen objects and valuables.

    – Kindness to children is evident when first Wei Wuxian helps to raise and protect little Wen Yuan (after saving his life) and when Lan Zhan takes responsibility for the orphan against the expressed desire and condemnation of his relatives and superiors.

    – Lan Zhan's moving fidelity and dedication when waiting for thirteen years for the return of the loved one, his painful loneliness and sadness. The many times when both care and protect each other are also worthy of affection and respect.

    – When Wei Wuxian returns from his death continues, along with Lan Zhan investigating and fighting evil until the end, instead of revolting and totally ending his enemies as he could if he wanted to use Patriarch Yiling's "rogue" resources

    – There is also nothing wrong with the joy and spontaneity of the character because all his admirers love him first for that and then for all his other qualities.

    – In the text are included several facts and stories of the ancient Chinese culture. In other words, this is a text that also, through its anime and its wonderful, prized and highly praised film, made a large part of the West pay positive attention to the 5,000 years of wisdom of this great country that is China.

    After The Untamed, Chinese cinematography became much more well-known and popular and interest and curiosity in the country grew mainly with the young generation. Many ordinary citizens have opined on social media that this film is a Work of Art. Even without technical knowledge to corroborate the opinion, it is possible to deduce that people felt touched, sensitized and delighted with the film.

    I say and repeat: This is one of the most beautiful love stories of all time.

    #WeLoveXiaoZhan #WeYouLoveXiaoZhan #肖战 #weyoulovexiaozhan

  • Mim Aktar

    I don't know why xiao zhan need to apologize… He didn't do anything.. Why they blaming him..??????… He didn't do anything…

  • Marie Flan

    I watched Eternal Love on netflix and loved it. I really hope I have the chance to see Eternal Love of Dream here in the US. I can't wait to see it!

  • Yisa Pale

    This world is full of butt hurt people 1 time U are loved star n the next moment U are hated..we are not perfect U can’t judge someone from long past I believe XZ don’t deserve this hate.

  • Natalia Pugh

    Am I the only one besides Marcus, excited about like a flowing River? I can’t wait. Btw Marcus, I remember everything in the drama, even though I have bad and selective memory..🤪

  • Citra Wright

    We love you more Xaio Zhan
    Be strong and healthy in your own
    We are international fans love you Xaio Zhan
    We love the Untamed the best drama ever, Xaio Zhan super star from the Untamed,we are looking forward to see you in new dramas from Australia

  • Gailynn Carroll

    Since XZ is under fire and losing endorsements and his shows are being canceled, is there a way that foreigners can support his studio or do some kind of gofundme kind of effort? Just asking you since you know how this part of the world works. It’s hard to just sit and watch him being destroyed.

  • Goku Son

    I can confirm that the acting of Dilraba and Vengao has improved considerably. Their performance is 100 times better than in 10 miles of peach blossoms,

    At first I was worried about their acting but it was a very pleasant surprised to see that I need not have to worry.

  • yanxia ren


  • LACSIM1978

    I loved Eternal love of dream from the start, but I can see where people think its a slow start… the story had to build and alot of story was going on but was one sided/missed connections of our 2 main loves. Mortal Dong Hua was so attractive to me, he loved so hard….where can I find a man like that 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤣😂🤣

  • kathy king

    I agree with you 100% on current problems r/t AO3. Xiao Zhan is just an innocent bystander. I feel for him he does not deserve to be slandered this way. Personally I believe it was just the government censorship rearing its ugly head and people needed a martyr to satisfy themselves. Talking about leading a lamb to slaughter. Just name the lamb Xiao Zhan.

  • Bittersweet Girl

    Brother I like you very much, you are right, superstars like XZ have many fans and many antis, therefore they do not control the situation that comes out of the hands of others.

  • Burnt Solis

    People are empathizing with xiao zhan, but has anyone even thought about the writers? They got doxxed, received death threats and got cyber bullied. He should've at least stepped out to say something earlier instead of staying silent. He didn't even try to take action and only apologized when it was too late.

  • Lily T

    Poor Xiao Zhan, the internet has become a scary place – sounds like they are going back to Cultural Revolution where people report on each other! Scary stuff! I am looking forward to Revenge and Sacrifice as well as Flowing like a river 2. I have been watching Eternal Love By Dreams but am still not impressed by it even though I am still watching it up to 50. The pacing of the story is slow and it is getting boring . The chemistry is not bad and cute and CGGIs are good but I don''t like the very white color palette of the heavenly palace -i.e white and gold. Overall, it is not as good as the original Eternal Love or Love and Destiny. Just my own opinion. I hope I don't get hate replies from its fans.

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